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 Posted: Sunday Sep 21st, 2008 05:20 PM
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Stewart Repeats In Brownfield Memorial

West Finish’s With Win

By Jack Fordyce

Grays Harbor Raceway

Elma, WA.

Elma. Shane Stewart, Bixby, OK, is no stranger to the winner’s circle at the Brownfield Memorial Sprint Challenge Race at Grays Harbor Raceway; in fact he is the only driver to win the event. He swept both ends of the two day inaugural race in 2007 and did so again this year, taking home the top prize money of $10,092.00 both years.

  Stewart drove the No. 1 Doyle Harley Davidson into victory lane for the second year in a row when he took the checkered flag in the 40-lap feature event to close out the 2008 season at Elma.

  Dan West Jr. Shelton came home a winner again as he won the Midget’s 20-lap feature race.



  Saturday night’s show was much different than the Friday night show, as there were no roll-overs, flipped cars and fewer caution flags during the evening.

  It took Stewart only 1-lap to move from third place into the second spot behind pole sitter Roger Crockett, Medford, OR. but it took an additional 22-laps for him to finally get by Crockett when he got by him coming out of turn four.

  “I had trouble in the turns.” Crockett said after the race. “That’s why I held to the low side.”

  Stewart maintained the high side, as both he and Crockett put on a show for the fans as they pulled away from the rest of the field. Crockett was able to hold off Stewart for three caution flag restarts in the first 10-laps until Stewart got by him in turn-4 on lap-23.

  “Whenever I am in this car, I feel I can win.” Stewart said after Friday nights win, and he was right on Saturday night.

  Crockett and Stewart set the early pace followed by Jamie Barnes, Everett, Seth Bergman, Snohomish, and ASCS Northwest Region point’s leader Jared Ridge, also from Snohomish.

  Bergman and Ridge got tangled up on lap-10 with Ridge hitting the wall in turn-2 and done for the night as he left the track on the hook and Bergman on his own.

  Once Stewart got by Crockett he maintained his lead and stretched it even further when they got into slower traffic.

  Wayne Johnson, Oklahoma City took third, Jason Solwold, fourth, after earning his way into the feature via his second place finish in the first B Main behind Jay Cole from Shelton. Travis Rutz, Langley, B.C. finished fifth.

  Both Rutz and Solwold had to start at the back of the pack in the feature, as they garnered the final two positions in the feature race.



  West took over the lead in the Midgets feature race on the third-lap when he passed rookie Allison Journey, Springfield, OR. in turn-two just three laps into the race.

  Journey was able to hold onto the second spot, until Seth Hespe, Snohomish got by with just five laps left.

  The first of the only two caution flags came out on lap-5 when Jonathan Jorgenson, Auburn and Samantha Taylor got tangled up, for the second night in a row.

  In Friday night’s race, they tangled up, with Jorgenson being given a warning black flag, but not so on Saturday night, this time it was the full flag, and Jorgenson was sent to the pits.

  West took the checkered flag, followed by Hespe, St Paul finished third, Journey fourth and Taylor came back to grab the fifth spot.


Top Finishers.

Brownfield Memorial A Main. 1. Shane Stewart. 2. Roger Crockett. 3. Wayne Johnson. $. Jason Solwold. 5. Travis Rutz. 6. JJ Hickle. 7. Mitch Olson. 8. Henry VanDam. 9. Chad Groves. 10. Jayme Barnes. B Main 1. 1. Jay Cole. 2. Solwold. 3. Natlie Sather. 4. Jared Peterson. 5. Nick Engberg. B main 2. 1. Rutz. 2. VanDam. 3. Mike Melwicks. 4. Chadd Noland.. 5. John Farrell. Heat 1. 1. Johnson. 2. Barnes. 3. Brendan Boyce. 4. Rutz. 5. Stuart Selby. Heat 2. 1. Crockett. 2. Hickle. 3. Steve Witte. 4. Shane Forte. 5. Brock Lemley. Heat 3. Tayler Malsam. 2. Jared Ridge. 3. Solwold. 4. Stewart. 5. Sather. Heat 4. Shawn rice. 2. VanDam. 3. Peterson. 4. Olson. 5. Michael Harris.

Midgets. A Main. 1.  Dan West Jr. 2. Seth Hespe. 3. Lee St Paul. 4. Allison Journey. 5. Samantha Taylor. 6. Todd Hartman. 7. Bakker. 8. Jeremy Miller. 9. Austin Hespe. 10. Jeff Bell. Heat 1. 1. Taylor. 2. West Jr. 3. St Paul. 4. Journey. 5. Jonathan Jorgenson. Heat 2. 1. Bell. 2. S. Hespe. 3. Miller. 4. Hartman. 5. A. Hespe.


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