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Thanks from Joe & JoAnne  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sunday Sep 23rd, 2007 07:58 PM
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Thanks to Our Sponsors !


Thanks from Joe & JoAnne for all those who helped make it possible for them to travel from Iowa to GHR to Race the Fred Brownfield Memorial:


Debbie Brownfield - Brownfield Manufacturing

Trevon Wilson - Bulldog Trailers

Greg Burgess - Beach Hut Vacations

John Dickinson - Fly By Nite Wings

Derek Ingalls - #91 Sprint

Shawn Vallond - #8 FF Midget


Mike Troy

Jim Harris, Omaha, NE
Tom Schmeh, Knoxville, IA
Joy and Don Elmer- Joe's inlaws-
my mom and step dad
Nell and Ralph Powell- my grandma and her husband
Craig Murphy



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Here For The Fun Of It, And Doing Just That !
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