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Could "Hobby" Stocks ever return to GHR?  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sunday Apr 22nd, 2018 06:16 AM
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A hypothetical question...

What would it take to see the return of a true "Hobby" stock or pure stock class at GHR? I'm not saying this to criticize Street Stocks, but simply to add a more affordable and more competitive level of racing to the average GHR night. Something to bridge the gap between the tuner class and the street stocks.

Currently we have an excellent field of 15-20 street stocks on any given race night. However, 9/10 times you can pinpoint the winner down to 3 cars before the main even begins. Driver skill and experience does play a major factor in this, as some of the regular top finishers would be fast out there on a riding lawnmower, but so does the amount of money wrapped up in some of the car/engine packages out there. I'm not criticizing anyone or trying to offend, this is simply observation from years spent in the pits with various cars and drivers.

I also know personally of at least 10 cars that are sitting parked, because the costs of being competitive in this class have become too high. Cars that have solid cages, budget built motors, and lots of life left, with no place left to meaningfully race.

So what would it take to get some of these cars back out? Could GHR support a lower budget stock car class? Return to the hobby stock format of cast iron intake and exhaust, 2bbl carbs, and 360 cubic inch motors? Or even the old days of the 1000 dollar engine claim? I think there is a lot of potential for a class like this to develop and grow at GHR. allow drivers to get a taste of stock car racing, and have something to work up to in the more advanced street stock class. This is just my opinion though, and while it may never happen, I think it would be awesome to see the return of a class where the driver, not the machine, truly wins the race.

One day at a time.
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 Posted: Monday Apr 23rd, 2018 06:01 AM
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Not sure a "Hobby" type car or "True stock" is a good way to go unless it's in those little imported buzz cars. Problem with "True" stock stuff is on dirt it gets pounded to death and then it's not cheap replacing those parts either.

There really isn't much "Stock" on a stack car. That's because they really aren't. They are really "Race cars". Built and maintained to race on a circle track. Put together to be legal and competitive under a set of rules for that class of cars.

Nobody should want to spend more to be competitive than they have to. I never did. I had to pinch every dime I had.

That said, I liked a adjustable car. I liked weight jacks. It's far easier to put a ratchet on a bolt and make a few turns that take a spring out and shim it then put it back together. Weight jacks are also cheap. They also help speed up a driver learning curve because it's easier to make a change to see what the driver feels.

It's a shame there are cars parked because of expense. You can save yourself some $$$ here or there but there are things you just have to have to be competitive.

I still maintain purse needs to improve to help racers get to the track every week. I haven't looked in years but My guess is that class probably pays the same to win and down the line than they did 15 years ago. I may be wrong but that was the trend back when I paid attention. In my mind last place racer needs enough purse payout to buy tow and race gas for the next week. Regular unleaded is what a gallon? $3.20? What is race gas now a gallon? How many gallons get burned on a basic night? Now,,, What does last in main pay? (Again,,, That's just my idea of fair)

I still miss driving. But the grind of being out in the shop every spare moment I don't miss. I loved the constant thought process of how to build a better mousetrap. (Race car)

Back to the point of my reply. I'm not a believer in "Stock" stuff because "Stock" stuff isn't designed for racing. It's designed to go 200,000 miles down the highway at 55 to 60 miles per hour. Engines designed to run 2500-3500 rpm. Not 6500 to 7000 rpm. That is a huge amount of extra stress on parts. (Rods, cranks, rod bolts, etc) Not to mention if you don't get the right final rear end gears and have to run through any tranny gear other than high. Don't know how many blown cluster gears I have seen over the years because of that.

Racing isn't just the driver. It IS the machine too. The combination of the two and the choices made in the shop and on the track.

Hope those sitting cars get out there. Can't get any better sitting in the shop.

That's my 2 cents worth. May not be worth a whole 2 cents though.


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