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Solwold Snags Summer Thunder Win  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sunday Apr 2nd, 2017 10:06 AM
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Solwold Snags Summer Thunder Win


Yakima, WA - April Fool’s Day brought no surprises at Central WA State Fair Raceway as Jason Solwold took home the win in the Summer Thunder Sprint Series and Collen Winebarger took home top honors with the Washington Modified Tour.

On Friday night, Jason Solwold threw a couple of slide jobs at Austen Wheatley, but neither gathered him the lead. On Saturday night, Solwold used the same slide job coming into turn one and out of turn two, but this time it stuck and collected him the lead and his first win of the year with the Summer Thunder Sprint Series. The move came right at the halfway point of the race, as Wheatley led the first fifteen circuits before Solwold took over the top spot. Wheatley held second till late when he was collected up in an incident. Colton Heath and Reece Goetz were the beneficiaries, moving into the second and third spots and collecting podium finishes. Wheatley was quick time. Heat winners were Goetz, Evan Margeson and Garen Linder.

It was a sweep of the weekend for Collen Winebarger over the Washington Modified Tour. Winebarger swept around the outside of Mark Carrell to take the lead on lap four and held off Carrell over the remaining twenty plus laps to take the win, his second of the weekend. Carrell was second but ws too light at the scales, giving the runner up spot to Lawrence O’Connor from the B Main. Don Jenner was third. Heat winners were Travis Peery, Todd Newton, Grey Ferrando and Winebarger, Jim Whisler won the B Main.

Summer Thunder Sprint Series
Fast Time - Austen Wheatley 15.030
Heat 1 - Reece Goetz, Chase Goetz, JJ Hickle, Austen Wheatley, Lawrance Kirkham, Phil DIetz, Cam Smith
Heat 2 - Evan Margeson, Jason Solwold, Chris Schmelzle, Jared Peterson, Henry Van Dam, Colin Baker
Heat 3 - Garen Linder, Robbie Price, Colton Heath, Logan Forler, Chance Crum, Luke Didiuk
Main - Jason Solwold, Heat, R Goetz, Forler, Linder, C Goetz, Hickle, Van Dam, Peterson, Margeson, Schmelzle, Baker, Kirkham, Wheatley, Dietz, Crum, Price, Smith
Lap Leaders - Wheatley 1-15 Solwold 16-30
Triple X Hard Charger - Garen Linder +7 Positions

Washington Modified Tour
Heat 1 - Travis Peery, Mark Carrell, Jeremy Martin, Kevin Smith, Jim Whisler, Tiana Berkeley, Zach Simpson, Austin Kerrigan, Louis Nutter Jr
Heat 2 - Todd Newton, Nick Bessette, Blair Shoemaker, Larry Buchanan, Adam Holtrop, Tyson Blood, Pat Merritt, Joey Price, Brian Harding
Heat 3 - Grey Ferrando, Don Jenner, Scott Miller, Craig Moore, Lawrence O’Connor, Dave Soulek, BJ Wild, Cory Sweatman, Don Martin
Heat 4 - Collen Winebarger, Monte Bischoff, Zach Olson, Kyler Moore, Kevin Quesnell, James Wolford, Tyler Walker, Kersey Ferrando
B Main - Jim Whisler, Simpson, O’Connor, Wild, Holtrop, Price, Blood, Quesnell, Berkeley, Wolford, Soulek, Kerrigan, Ferrando, Nutter Jr, Sweatman, Walker
A Main - Collen Winebarger, O’Connor, Jenner, Miller, Bessette, K Moore, Bischoff, Shoemaker, J Martin, G Ferrando, C Moore, Buchanan, Olson, Whisler, Holtrop, Peery, Newton, Smith, Wild, Simpson, Carrell
Lap Leaders - Carrell 1-3 Winebarger 4-25

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