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Goetz and Big Rigs Star at Skagit Speedway  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sunday Jun 16th, 2019 05:38 AM
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Goetz and Big Rigs Star at Skagit Speedway


Alger, WA - Combining the Rolling Thunder Big Rigs and the R&H Mechanical Sportsman Sprint Shootout and you have a recipe for a good time. A huge crowd enjoyed great racing action, with Chase Goetz winning the Sportsman Shootout and Dave Barr taking the Big Rig win, as well as Adam Holtrop winning in the Outlaw Tuners.

Steve Parker set out to the early lead for the 30 lap, $1200 to win A Main in the Cook Road Shell Sportsman Sprints. Parker was holding a nice size lead as Chase Goetz worked past Jayme Barnes and into second place. Goetz was catching Parker only slightly as the pair raced toward the back of the field. A stoppage on lap 17 brought the field nose to tail for a restart, and on the restart, Goetz tried a slidejob in turns one and two that came up just short. Goetz would get a second shot at a restart, as a car spun out, bunching the field back up. Parker would alter his line, going low to block a possible slide, and Goetz countered by racing around the cushion to pull even with Parker exiting turn two. With Parker pinned low, Goetz pulled even with him as the pair crossed the line to complete lap 17, then edged into the lead from the high groove on the 18th lap. From there, Goetz gradually built an insurmountable lead, winning his third feature of the year on the super slicked off surface ahead of Parker and Jayme Barnes. Parker won the Dash, with Sean Johnson setting fast time. Bill Rude and Michael Bollinger won the heat races. Ashleigh Johnson was hard charger and Jesse Schlotfeldt collected the hard luck award.

The lead changed five times in the Rolling Thunder Big Rig 20 lap A Feature. Dave Barr ended up the race winner, fending off a last lap challenge from Jay Steiger and Scott Zahn. Tammi Rodstrom and Dustin Smith won the heats.

Adam Holtrop has two wins on the year in two different divisions now, after having zero career wins coming into the season. Holtrop took the lead on lap 3 and was never challenged in the Outlaw Tuner 17 lap A Main. Vance Hibbard and Clint Meins rounded out the podium. Holtrop and Meins won the heats.

R&H Mechanical Sportsman Sprint Shootout
Fast Time - Sean Johnson 12.121
Heat 1 - Bill Rude, Jayme Barnes, Steve Parker, Cory Swatzina, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Ashleigh Johnson, Sean Johnson
Heat 2 - Michael Bollinger, Joe Lyon, Chase Goetz, Eric Turner, Kelsey Carpenter, Malachi Gemmer, John Tharp
Dash - Steve Parker, Turner, Goetz, Barnes
Main - Chase Goetz, Parker, Barnes, S Johnson, A Johnson, Turner, Gemmer, Tharp, Rude, Swatzina, Bollinger, Lyon, Carpenter, Schlotfeldt
Lap Leaders - Parker 1-17 Goetz 18-30
Hard Charger - A Johnson +8

Outlaw Tuners
Heat 1 - Adam Holtrop, Brian Michelson, Vance Hibbard, Nathan Merrill, Rob Dozark, Colin SIms
Heat 2 - Clint Meins, Kyle Hanson, Jon Gunderson, Mike Thomas, Jon Edwards
Main - Adam Holtrop, Hibbard, Meins, Hanson, Gunderson, Dozark, Merrill, Sims, Thomas, Edwards, Michelson
Lap Leaders - Dozark 1-2 Holtrop 3-17

Rolling Thunder Big Rigs
Heat 1 - Tammi Rodtsrom, Jay Steiger, Josh Zahn, Jason Quatsoe, Mike Gibbons
Heat 2 - Dustin Smith, Dave Barr, Scott Zahn, Rob Johnson
Main - Dave Barr, Steiger, S Zahn, Smith, Rodstrom, Johnson, Gibbons, J Zahn, Quatsoe
Lap Leaders - Rodstrom 1-4 Barr 5 Rodstrom 6-8 Barr 9-11 Rodstrom 12 Barr 13-20

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