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Madras Speedway Results (5-5-18)  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Monday May 7th, 2018 05:22 PM
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Rob Lindsey

Joined: Tuesday Oct 12th, 2010
Location: Oregon USA
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Madras Speedway (5-5-18)
Quick Results

Heat #1: L. Barney, L. Hallmark, T. Alberding, T. Moreno, D. Rothe, R. Arnold

Heat #2: W. Van Raden, R. Lindsey, J. Gilman, G. Cannon, C. Batalgia, T. Kennedy

Heat #3: T. Alberding, L. Barney, L. Hallmark, T. Moreno, R. Arnold, D. Rothe

Heat #4: R. Lindsey, C. Batalgia, J. Gilman, G. Cannon, W. Van Raden, T. Kennedy

Dash: R. Lindsey, W. Van Raden, T. Alberding, L. Barney

Feature: L. Barney, R. Lindsey, T. Alberding, L. Hallmark, J. Gilman, C. Batalgia, T. Moreno, D. Rothe, W. Van Raden, G. Cannon, R. Arnold, T. Kennedy

SpeedMart Inc. Hard Charger - Darren Rothe

Points Championship
Top 10 (as of 5-5-18): Rob Lindsey (130), Lindsay Barney (116), Tim Alberding (115), Lance Hallmark (98), Gene Cannon (84), Darren Rothe (78), Tim Kennedy (74), Ricky Ashley (65), Mark Herz (52), Brad Rhodes (51), Jake Gilman (51)

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