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 Posted: Friday Feb 24th, 2017 10:11 PM
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Stipe Engine Spec

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Something to consider before you purchase a crate engine for a street car, off road, boat, circle track car, or any application. I can build you a way better engine with more power and better parts for about the same price as an assembly line chevy 604. It also gives you the option to custom tailor parts for your application. These parts will withstand 8000 r.p.m and make a ton more horsepower.You get a hand built custom engine done right with a 4 bolt chev block, Eagle 4340 crank, Eagle H-beam rods, SRP forged pistons (built by JE) in any compression desired, Sealed Power file to fit moly ring set, Clevite 'H' rod and main bearings, Durabond h.p cam bearings, your choice of solid lifter cam profile, solid lifters, new stainless steel valves sizes depending on which head and application you want, retainers, 10 degree locks, valve springs compatible with your cam choice, guide plates, 7/16 rocker studs, your choice of any Chevy vortec, Dart or World Products iron cylinder heads or a pair of E-force aluminum heads (these have 210 c.c intake runners) and they make more power than the 604 heads, full Fel-Pro gasket set with the 1003 head gaskets, full roller 7/16 stud rocker arms,double roller timing set with torrington bearing on cam sprocket, h.d. steel front cover, Professional Products sfi approved indexed harmonic balancer, Smith Brothers pushrods, adjustable timing pointer, new crank keys, Melling oil pump with steel oil pump drive, Professional Products hurricane intake manifold (equivalent to a victor and makes more power than a Victor Jr.), 5 quarts of Joe Gibbs break in oil, oil filter installed. Block bored and honed with stress plates, decked, rotating assembly balanced, professionally cleaned and assembled ready to run. Painted the color of your choice. Bored 350 inch engine and for another $90.00 can be a 383 inch engine. This deal will make way more power with much better and more reliable parts than a crate engine. All you will need to do is add carb, ignition, headers, oil pan, and oil pump pickup tube that matches the pan to run. To add an aftermarket oil pan and pickup tube for your application would have to be priced on a case to case basis.Too many chassis options on oil pans so it is hard to supply one with a predetermined price. If your application uses a stock oil pan there will be no extra charge for that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$6495.00 for the 350 inch and $6585.00 for the 383. ------------------ Contact Stipe Engine Specialties in Redmond, Ore. 541-504-1419

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