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WESCO by the Numbers  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sunday May 29th, 2016 08:44 PM
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T. Michael

Joined: Wednesday Oct 25th, 2006
Location: Mill Creek , Washington USA
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By my count, there were 14 sprinters ready to put on a show on Evergreen's challenging 3/8th mile track. Also by my count there were 4 more WESCO car owners wandering the pits with various reasons their cars were not present. Other M.I.A. cars included 3 from the Hill Racing family and 1 from Little Bert Jonson who has been thrashing ferociously on a new dedicated pavement car but ran out of time when a glitch in the motor was found. He and his crew were extremely close and no doubt will be ready for the next round.

So doing the math, I see a potential of 22 Sprints cars showing up should all the stars of the universe line up correctly. That number could grow even bigger if the rest of the East Side Connection were to come over and if the West side continues to support the East side races on all of the scheduled events.

After time trials, Mother Nature came slowly rolling in covering the track with some heavy rain, but track workers were doing some serious Uke Tire racing when I left at a little after 7:00. :?

It ain't about where you're going that's important; it's all about how much fun you have getting there!
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 Posted: Sunday May 29th, 2016 10:25 PM
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Joined: Friday Mar 5th, 2010
Location: Vietnam/Puyallup, Washington USA
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Great News on the car count #'s!........Thank You Mr.T

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 Posted: Wednesday Jun 1st, 2016 04:48 PM
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Joined: Monday Jul 31st, 2006
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So did it rain out?

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