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South Sound to host WESCO's 4th. 2016 attempt  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tuesday Jun 7th, 2016 07:05 PM
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T. Michael

Joined: Wednesday Oct 25th, 2006
Location: Mill Creek , Washington USA
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We can't really call it WESCO's 4th race of the season as Mother Nature has interrupted twice. Rain outs hurt in ways not always seen. I won't go into that too deep, but when racers pull from afar and get rained out, they lose. When a promoter schedules a race and no one shows to watch it because of rain, he loses. When a sponsor pays big money to get exposure and there is a rained out show, he loses. I call it collateral damage.

Well I have a new word. Collateral Compensation. WESCO's last scheduled race was at Evergreen Speedway and was rained out. The pending weather hurt the car count, hurt the spectator count and took its toll on High roads Promotions but Doug Hobbs made the decision to take care of the WESCO cars th
at showed up anyway. That is what I call paying it forward. If WESCO can continue to keep putting one foot in front of the other and grow, High Roads Promotion's next WESCO scheduled event will be even better.

Instead of adding up all of the collateral damage, each racer was compensated and that adds to the benefit of South Sound Speedway if all the attending racers continue to support the resurrection of WESCO for the 2016 season.

Now if Mother Nature can cooperate this week end, June 11th., South Sound's historic pave track can benefit as well as the anxious WESCO drivers who will once again provide a show for the Southern contingency of Washington States paved track spectators. :D

It ain't about where you're going that's important; it's all about how much fun you have getting there!
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