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 Posted: Wednesday Jul 13th, 2016 05:53 AM
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T. Michael

Joined: Wednesday Oct 25th, 2006
Location: Mill Creek , Washington USA
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  For my racing friends: WWRA July 22 Event at Evergreen Speedway
I have been asked to try to help out in a sad situation. I usually am the last person to ask for help. If I can't do it alone, I just don't do it. This deal is different. I have a life long friend that is dying at 59 years of age. WWRA has made a difficult decision to discontinue the club that started by the river nestled in the remote area of the Sky Valley in Monroe, Washington.
Sky Valley Racing Association (SVRA) gave birth to WWRA as a pavement race group at Evergreen Speedway and in reality gave birth to Washington Open Wheels as a traveling group, and WESCO because it was from the heart and soul of the original SVRA club and it's members that Bert Johnson and I looked to for guidance when we incorporated Washington Econo Sprint Car Organization. We tried to build a club that would continue the virtues we had learned from a club who's members were as close as family when it came time for help.
What can we do to help a dying friend? It needs a back gate I.V. just to survive until it's last scheduled race in Sept. The hopes were to stay alive until it's 60th birthday, but that does not seem to be a dream that can come true.
What I am asking is for help on the scheduled July 22 event. We need participates in a memorial event celebrating the life of the club and the people of the past and present who have gave so much to keep the club together over so many troubled years. It has never been an easy road for SVRA, but with help, they can make a bad situation honorable and maybe even have a miracle happen.
Most new members do not know the connection between SVRA and WESCO, but for those that do and appreciate what that connection means, I would personally like to invite you to the July 22 event. If you have a car, bring it out and play. If you just want a walk down memory lane, come out and join in. Bring a story of old times with you.There are still original SVRA members around that were involved in the old dirt track, but we are getting fewer by the year.
I know this is short notice and it has hit me hard, but I hope to have a list of all the people past and present that have been instrumental in KEEPING THE SPIRIT ALIVE. Any input on making this a special tribute evening is welcome. Saturday at the WESCO race I got to shake the hand of the Master, Joe Bauer, long time SVRA dirt track President. It is people like him and Crazy Wally that have laid the foundation for a club that lasted 59 years; they need to be honored.
Please see facebook and drop stories or suggestions  SkyValley Speedway Dirt Track‚Äč
There is a rumor going around that you can not participate in the WWRA event if you are going to run the Rory Price race. Rumor says you will be fined by King of the Wing. That rumor is false. Concerning this, my source got it straight from the track that there is no conflict with the contract he signed if anyone wants to participate in the WWRA evening prior to the Rory Price Memorial race. If people are still not comfortable, please call Doug directly for confirmation. I will still be hoping to see as many of my sprint car and old SVRA friends as possible for this special event

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