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Foulger Wins R. Charles Snyder Salute IMCA Modified Race At Southern Oregon Speedway White City,  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Saturday Sep 9th, 2017 06:09 AM
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Southern Oregon Speedway Racing Discussion Can Be Heard HERE

Foulger Wins R. Charles Snyder Salute IMCA Modified Race At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 2-3...Troy Foulger scored the victory in the 50 lap R. Charles Snyder Salute IMCA Modified race at Southern Oregon Speedway. Foulger is a four time Antioch Speedway champion and a star on the All Star Series IMCA Modified Tour in California, and the win paid $5,000. The race honored Snyder, who was a long time announcer and local Radio DJ. Seven time track champion Mark Wauge had a special body on his race car with photos of Snyder. Wauge was a $2,500 second, and Bobby Hogge IV made a late charge to score a $1,500 third.

After Saturday's heat races, Bobby Hogge IV emerged with the most points. The Top 16 in heat points qualified for Sunday's big show, and the Top 8 ran an eight lap scramble on Sunday to set the first four rows of the Main Event. Hogge won that race ahead of Jeremy Richey and Chester Kniss. It looked like the night belonged to Hogge. A $1,000 bonus was offered to any of the first six qualifiers if they elected to start last and won. Nobody accepted the challenge.

In the Main Event, Hogge spun in Turn 2 for a restart and had to restart in last. Richey raced into the lead on the opening lap, but Jesse Bailey spun and collected Anthony Slaney. Richey led Mark Wauge and Preston Jones on the restart. Jones and Troy Foulger both passed Wauge for second and third a lap later before a yellow flag waved for Darrell Hughes II on the back stretch and Larry McCracken, James Welshonse and Jantzen Knips in Turn 2. Richey led Jones and Foulger on the restart. Foulger made an outside pass in Turn 2 on lap seven to take second from Jones. Wauge went by Jones in Turn 4 on lap eight to grab third. A lap 14 caution flag flew for Zach Fettinger and Ray Kniffen Jr. in Turn 4. Richey continued to lead Foulger and Wauge on the restart. Foulger was challenging Richey on the inside line and finally made his move for the lead on lap 25. Hogge reappeared in the Top 10 on lap 28, and a lap 35 caution flag flew for debris on the track. Foulger continued to set the pace on the restart as Wauge took second from Richey. The yellow flag waved on lap 43 for Jones in Turn 4. Foulger led Wauge and Richey on the restart, but Fettinger and Welshonse tangled for a caution flag a lap later. Hogge was up to fifth, and he took fourth from Nick Trenchard on the restart. Hogge made a low pass in Turn 4 on lap 49 to take third from Richey. With Wauge following closely in second, Foulger stayed smooth and scored the victory. Hogge was a strong third, followed by Richey, Trenchard, Robert Miller, Jesse Williamson, Slaney, Chester Kniss and Jones.

The drivers ran two ten lap heat races and earned points. The Top 16 drivers qualified for the big show. Hogge was the only driver to win both of his heat races. Foulger won one heat and got a second, while Jones had a win and a third. Matt Duste, Wauge and Bailey earned seconds in both of their heats, making the Top 6 in heat points Hogge, Foulger, Jones, Duste, Wauge and Bailey. Richey and Kniss each won a heat race to make it into Sunday's Scramble as Top 8 point earners. Jeff Olschowka, Darrell Hughes II, Miller and Slaney also won heat races. There were two 15 lap B Mains on Sunday that transferred three into the Main Event. Chase Nieman won the first B Main ahead of Curtis Towns and Ray Kniffen Jr. Jake Mayden won the second B Main ahead of Larry McCracken and Jantzen Knipps.

Saturday's program ended with a special $1,000 to win Invitational Main Event. The Top 4 finishers in each of the first set of heat races earned starting spots. The race was restarted after Hogge slowed in Turn 4. Hogge led the restart, but a Turn 2 crash forced a lap one caution flag. After a lap two caution flag for Jeff Olschowka in Turn 2, Hogge led Foulger and Bailey on the restart. Wauge took third from Bailey on lap five, and an inside pass on the front stretch of the ninth lap gained Foulger the lead from Hogge. A low move in Turn 2 of the tenth lap regained Hogge the lead. Foulger spun into the infield off the front stretch on lap 12 with steering issues as the caution flag flew. Hogge led the restart as Richey took second from Wauge. Hogge led the rest of he way to win ahead of Richey, Wauge, Trenchard, Olschowka, Mayden, Albert Gill, Hughes, Jones and Chase Nieman

Day 2 Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Scramble-Bobby Hogge IV, Jeremy Richey, Chester Kniss. B Main 1-Chase Nieman, Curtis Towns, Ray Kniffen Jr., Derick Young, Derek Nance. B Main 2-Jake Mayden, Larry McCracken, Jantzen Knipps, Matt Murphy, Tim Cecil. Main Event-Troy Foulger, Mark Wauge, Bobby Hogge IV, Jeremy Richey, Nick Trenchard, Robert Miller, Jesse Williamson, Anthony Slaney, Chester Kniss, Preston Jones, Curtis Towns, Matt Duste, Jesse Bailey, Chase Nieman, James Welshonse, Larry McCracken, Zach Fettinger, Jake Mayden, Ray Kniffen Jr., Todd Hermosillo, Jantzen Knipps, Darrell Hughes II.

Day 1 Race Results
IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1-Chester Kniss, Zach Fettinger, Nick Trenchard. Heat 2-Jeff Olschowka, Troy Foulger, Chase Nieman. Heat 3-Bobby Hogge IV, Matt Duste, Ray Kniffen Jr. Heat 4-Robert Miller, Mark Wauge, Jeremy Richey. Heat 5-Darrell Hughes II, Jesse Bailey, Preston Jones. Heat 1B-Anthony Slaney, Nick Trenchard, Zach Fettinger. Heat 2B-Troy Foulger, Jesse Williamson, Jake Mayden. Heat 3b-Bobby Hogge IV, Matt Duste, Todd Hermosillo. Heat 4b-Jeremy Richey, Mark Wauge, Chris Nieman. Heat 5b-Preston Jones, Jesse Bailey, Duane Orsburn. Main Event-Bobby Hogge IV, Jeremy Richey, Mark Wauge, Nick Trenchard, Jeff Olschowka, Jake Mayden, Albert Gill, Darrell Hughes II, Preston Jones, Chase Nieman, Jesse Bailey, Chester Kniss, Ray Kniffen Jr., Todd Hermosillo, Zach Fettinger, Troy Foulger, Anthony Slaney, Matt Duste, Robert Miller.

Braaten Wins R. Charles Snyder Salute Sport Modified Race At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 2-3...Jorddon Braaten won the 30 lap R. Charles Snyder Salute IMCA Sport Modified Main Event at Southern Oregon Speedway. The two time track champion earned $1,350 for his win. Braaten chased Rich McCoy for 16 laps before making his move into the lead. Alan Furuta made a last lap pass on Jayson Nelson to finish second. The race honored Snyder, who was a long time announcer and local Radio DJ.

The Top 16 drivers in heat race points earned starting spots in the big race, and the Top 8 earned starting spots for the eight lap Scramble to determine the first four rows. Jorddon Braaten, Brian Johnsen and Rich McCoy won both of their ten lap heat races to take the first three point positions. Jayson Nelson had two seconds to rank fourth ahead of Mike Medel, Justin McCreadie, Anthony Giuliani and Jesse Merriman McCreadie and Dwayne Melvin also won heat races. McCoy won the Scramble ahead of McCreadie, Giuliani and Braaten.

A multi car crash in Turn 4 caused a restart of the Main Event. B Main winner Keith Brown Jr. brought out a yellow flag again. McCoy led McCreadie and Braaten on the restart. A high move in Turn 4 of the second lap gained Braaten second from McCreadie, and a yellow flag flew for Jimmy Ford. McCoy continued to lead Braaten, and McCreadie spun in Turn 4, collecting Giuliani for a lap four caution flag. McCoy continued to lead Braaten on the restart. Craig Nieman settled into third ahead of Medel. Braaten was making a challenge for the lead when Furuta spun in Turn 3 for a lap 14 caution flag. McCoy led Braaten and Nieman on the restart. Braaten was working the high grove and finally made a Turn 4 pass on lap 17 to take the lead from McCoy. Giuliani spun for a lap 21 yellow flag. McCoy's run up front ended when he spun in Turn 2 for a lap 22 caution flag. Braaten led Nieman and Nelson on the restart. Nelson and Nieman made contact on the back stretch as Nelson, Furuta and Medel raced by Nieman for second through fourth. Nieman and Cory Biggs shuffled Medel back to sixth on lap 27. As Braaten built a straightaway advantage on his way to the checkered flag, a low pass in the final turn gained Furuta second from Nelson. Biggs finished fourth. Nieman was disqualified in post race tech, elevating Medel to fifth ahead of McCreadie, Mike Merritt, Travis Pruitt, Merriman and McCoy.

Keith Brown Jr. won the 20 lap B Main ahead of Randy Wright and Isaac Sanders. Willie McFall saw his championship hopes take a big hit when he spun battling Sanders for a transfer spot. McFall came back through the pack, but he finished one position short as Biggs grabbed the fourth and final transfer spot.

The Top 4 finishers from the first round of Saturday heat races earned starting spots in the 25 lap Invitational Main Event that night. That race was restarted when Giuliani and Merriman tangled in Turn 1. Braaten led McCoy at the start. McCreadie settled into third. McCoy slowed and pitted on lap seven as McCreadie and Johnsen were now second and third. Braaten slowed his pace up front as he came up on two cars battling for position, and Merriman spun in Turn 2 for a lap 13 caution flag. Braaten led McCreadie and Nieman on the restart. Braaten set a good pace up front and scored the win ahead of McCreadie, Nieman, Johnsen, Medel, Furuta, Pruitt, Nelson, Giuliani and Daniel Ray.

Day 2 Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds.
Scramble-Rich McCoy, Justin McCreadie, Anthony Giuliani. B Main-Keith Brown Jr., Randy Wright, Isaac Sanders, Cory Biggs, Willie McFall. Main Event-Jorddan Braaten, Alan Furuta, Jayson Nelson, Cory Biggs, Mike Medel, Justin McCreadie, Mike Merritt, Travis Pruitt, Jesse Merriman, Rich McCoy, Daniel Ray, Isaac Sanders, Anthony Giuliani, Dwayne Melvin, Randy Wright, Jimmy Ford, Brian Johnsen, Doug Coffman, Keith Brown Jr., Craig Nieman (DQ).

Day 1 Race Results
IMCA Sport Modifieds
Heat 1-Jorddon Braaten, Keith Brown Jr., Jimmy Ford. Heat 2-Brian Johnsen, Jayson Nelson, Travis Pruitt. Heat 3-Rich McCoy, Jesse Merriman, Mike Merritt. Heat 4-Justin McCreadie, Mike Medel, Craig Nieman. Heat 1b-Jorddon Braaten, Anthony Giuliani, Doug Coffman. Heat 2b-Brian Johnsen, Jayson Nelson, Garrett Hamilton. Heat 3b-Rich McCoy, Daniel Ray, Jesse Merriman. Heat 4b-Dwayne Melvin, Alan Furuta, Craig Nieman. Main Event-Jorddon Bratten, Justin McCreadie, Craig Nieman, Brian Johnsen, Mike Medel, Alan Furuta, Travis Pruitt, Jayson Nelson, Anthony Giuliani, Daniel Ray, Mike Merritt, Jesse Merriman, Rich McCoy, Jimmy Ford.

Lewman, King Win SODCA Dwarf Car Races
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...September 2-3...Mason Lewman and Josh King won the 20 lap SODCA Dwarf Car Main Events at the R. Charles Snyder Salute at Southern Oregon Speedway. Lewman won a thrilling three car battle with King and Kalvin Morton on Sunday. A night earlier, King took the lead from Chad Cardoza and won that Main Event. The race honored Snyder, who was a long time announcer and local Radio DJ.

Sunday's format called for three eight lap dashes. Brock Peters won the A Dash, Chad Cardoza won the B Dash and Mason Lewman won the C Dash. Cardzoza set the early Main Event pace ahead of John Chrisman, and a caution flag flew for a tangle between Camden Robustelli and Fred Hay. Cardoza continued to lead on the restart as Morton took second from Chrisman. A low move in Turn 4 of the fifth lap gained Lewman third from Chrisman. Morton made an outside pass on Cardoza down the back stretch to take the lead on lap eight. King was battling Lewman for third when a lap 11 caution flag few for Cody Peters. Morton led Lewman and Cardoza on the restart. Lewman made an inside pass in Turn 4 to take the lead from Morton on lap 13 as King settled into third. The lead three battled fiercely down the stretch. Morton and Lewman made contact in Turn 3 on the final lap. Lewman recovered and led the way out of Turn 4 as King took second from Morton. Lewman scored the thrilling victory ahead of King, Morton, Slater, Doug McVae, Chrisman, Joe Sanders, C. Peters, Jason Fike and Cardoza.

Cardoza, King and Robustelli won eight lap heat races on Saturday. Robustelli won the six lap A Dash, and Anthony Pope won the eight lap B Dash. Morton raced into the early lead in the Main Event. An inside move on the back stretch of the third lap gained Robustelli second from McVae. Morton built a straightaway advantage by lap eight, and Tara Shipman hit the front stretch wall for a red flag on lap 10. Morton continued to lead Robustelli on the restart. Cardoza and Chrisman made contact in their third place battle with Chrisman spinning in Turn 4 without a caution flag. The yellow flag flew on lap 13 for Joe Sanders. Morton led Robustelli and Cardoza on the restart. Working lap 18, Robustelli and Morton got together and spun into the infield off of Turn 2. Cardoza had the lead, but King raced by for the lead on the restart. King led the rest of the way to win ahead of Cardoza, Robustelli, Ryan Smith, B. Peters, Hay, C. Peters, Slater, Steve Walker and Chrisman.

Day 2 Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
A Dash-Brock Peters, Randy Slater, Camden Robustelli. B Dash-Chad Cardoza, John Chrisman, Josh King. C Dash-Mason Lewman, Kalvin Morton, Doug McVae. Main Event-Mason Lewman, Josh King, Kalvin Morton, Randy Slater, Doug McVae, John Chrisman, Joe Sanders, Cody Peters, Jason Fike, Chad Cardoza, Brock Peters, Camden Robustelli, Ryan Smith, Fred Hay.

Day 1 Race Results
SODCA Dwarf Cars
Heat 1-Chad Cardoza, Doug McVae, Steve Walker. Heat 2-Josh King, John Chrisman, Anthony Pope. Heat 3-Camden Robustelli, Brock Peters, Randy Slater. A Dash-Camden Robustelli, John Chrisman, Chad Cardoza. B Dash-Anthony Pope, Kalvin Morton, Randy Slater. Main Event-Josh King, Chad Cardoza, Camden Robustelli, Ryan Smith, Brock Peters, Fred Hay, Cody Peters, Randy Slater, Steve Walker, John Chrisman, Kalvin Morton, Doug McVae, Joe Sanders, Anthony Pope, Tara Shipman.

Southern Oregon Speedway Race Discussion Can Be Heard HERE

Season Nearing Conclusion At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The season is nearing an end at Southern Oregon Speedway. On the heels of the big R. Charles Snyder Salute, the track has two championship nights remaining on the schedule. The first one is this week. Late Models still have one more race, but Saturday night will be the season finale for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars, Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites, JOAT Labs Hornets and the Pro Stocks.

The last time the Late Models competed, Dustin Knight hit the back wall and was out after the second lap of the Main Event. Knight commented that his season was over, but a sponsor stepped forward to help him get his car back together. Knight has won twice and finished second three times, but he lost the point lead following his crash. Knight has a Pro Stock and IMCA Modified championship at the speedway, and if he were to win the Late Model title, he'd be the only driver in track history to win championships in three different divisions.

Nathan Augustine won his second Main Event last time out and his fourth Trophy Dash. That gave him an 11 point lead over Knight. Nathan was the Coos Bay champion last season, and he has been fast and smooth in his starts this year. With Late Models on the schedule for the next two weeks, the championship battle between these two is far from over.

Bob Dees has a win and two thirds in his last three starts, and that has given the reigning Late Model champion a 24 point lead over Dave Foote in the battle for third. Foote only leads Kristy Grout by 5 points and Mike Linder by 12 in a close battle for fourth. These three drivers are looking for their first win of the season.

After his scacry crash in the Wingless Sprint Car race two weeks ago, Kyler Barraza has decided to end his season and regroup for next year. "I am extremely thankful and feel very blessed to be able to walk away from a wreck like that with only a few burns, " said Kyler in a recent press release. "I plan to take the time to heal and enjoy the little things in life before I strap back into the hobby that I love so much."

Barraza's dominant performance in the first eight races, which includes three wins, two seconds and two thirds, has enabled him to clinch the championship. The battle is for second. Coming off of his win in the most recent point race, David Hibbard has a 12 point lead over rookie Merissa Henson and a 20 point advantage over son Bailey Hibbard. B. Hibbard has two wins this season, while Henson's season best finish is third. Enrique Jaime has a solid hold on fifth in points, and after his second place finish last time, Camden Robustelli will be going for a win this week.

Bob Burkett is hoping to wrap up his rookie season in the Valley Stor-All Late Model Lites with a track championship. Burkett leads Charlie Eaton by ten points. Burkett has a win and three seconds this season, while Eaton has five Top 3 finishes. Eaton is looking for his first win of the season, and he may need it to beat Burkett for the championship. The battle for third finds Bill Spencer leading Eric Aos by nine points and the tied Randy Hansen and Greg Arnold by 19 points. Hansen has won the last two Main Events and seems poised for a big move this week. It's been all down hill since reigning champion Lee Doty won the season opener, but he'll be out for some redemption this week

When Jason Stoutenburgh won his third straight JOAT Labs Hornets Main Event last time out, he built a 24 point lead over Tim Hedges. Stoutenburgh knows that if he doesn't stumble this week, he will win the championship. This would be his second championship at the track as he is the 2000 Thrill Car champion. T. Hedges has two wins, but motor problems in his last two starts has him battling his wife Jenna Hedges to hold on for second. Jenna won her second Trophy Dash last time and trails Tim by five points. Their son Ashtin Hedges will clinch fourth by starting this race, and 14 year old Dylan Irving is in a battle for fifth. He leads Derrel Nelson Jr. by five points and Brandon Wonsyld by seven.

With three wins, Dr. Scott Lenz leads rookie Dean Hackworth by four points in the Pro Stock championship race. Josh Kralicek is 19 points out of the lead. The Outlaw Pro Stock group will be supporting this race, and Lenz also leads that point battle as Scott Flowers is headed for his fourth straight runnerup season. Johnny Cobb and Jeffrey Hudson are also in the battle for second in the Outlaw Pro Stock group, and a good turnout is anticipated this week.

This will be the final opportunity for the Sprint Car, Late Model Lite, Hornet and Pro Stock drivers to make a move in points. The late Models will bring more speed to the lineup, and it should be a great show for the fans as the season nears its conclusion. Gates open at 5:00 PM with the first race at 7:00 PM. General Admission is $12, Seniors, Juniors (6-12) and Veterans are $6 and Children 5 and under are free. For further information, go to http://www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Kendall Oil Sprint Car Season Finale This Saturday
At Southern Oregon Speedway

White City, Oregon...The 2017 Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car season is coming to a close this Saturday night at Southern Oregon Speedway. It would have to be considered a successful season in the track's effort to establish a Sprint Car presence. Kyler Barraza was head and shoulders above the competition this season. The two time Southern Oregon Sprint Tour champion won three races this year and had seven Top 3 finishes in eight starts, clinching himself the championship with one race to go. As it turns out, that is a good thing. Barraza won't be racing this week.

On August 26th, the track hosted the big Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Challenge Race, presented by Herz Precision Parts. Barraza had a fast car all night, but his fortune changed quickly when he was involved in a back stretch crash on lap 17. He managed to make it back for the restart, but a steering component broke on the back stretch, sending him flipping on the back stretch wall. The car caught fire. Barraza escaped with a few burns, but he will take some time to regroup. The Barraza team has offered their motor to 2009 champion Charlie Thompson for the season finale.

The battle will be for second between David Hibbard, rookie Merissa Henson and Bailey Hibbard. The Hibbard family has been instrumental in helping build up car count this season. David was searching for his first win. He had three second place finishes, but his win finally came at the most recent point race. This put him 12 points ahead of Henson, who held off B. Hibbard for a fourth place finish that night. B. Hibbard is a two time winner this season, but his luck hasn't been so good in the past few races. Bailey only trails Henson by eight points and his father by 20 points.

Camden Robustelli may be the driver to watch in the quest for a new feature winner. Robustelli finished a strong second last time out and had a third earlier this season. Camden is a star with the SODCA Dwarf car group and recently won a $1,200 to win race at Willamette Speedway. He does have two Sprint Car wins at Cottage Grove, but he would love to get a win at his home track. He's just one of the rising young stars in the Medford Sprint Car scene.

Two others to watch for this week are Enrique Jaime and Tanner Holmes. Jaime is having a solid rookie season in fifth this year. Holmes has two starts and made his debut with a fifth place finish. Holmes has had an impressive career in Outlaw Karts, and he's definitely a Sprint Car star in the making. David Johnson, Calvin Hibbard and 1997 Cottage Grove champion Hedge Carter are three others anticipated this week.

Saturday night's Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Car season finale should be a good show. There have been five different winners in eight races. The competition is competitive and close. For further information, go to http://www.southernoregonspeedway.com.

Southern Oregon Speedway
Kendall Oil Sprint Cars
Kyler Barraza 267
David Hibbard 216
Merissa Henson 204
Bailey Hibbard 196
Enrique Jaime 156
Camden Robustelli 112
Calvin Hibbard 105
Hedge Carter 84
Jake Wheeler 68
Tanner Holmes 45

September 9

Sprint Car Champions
1996 Dan Menne
1997 Bill Nutter
1998 Dan Menne
2001 Chad Bauer
2002 Todd Zeitler
2003 Dan Menne
2004 T.J. Winningham
2005 Dan Menne
2006 Bill Nutter
2007 Randy Rodgers
2008 Randy Rodgers
2009 Charlie Thompson
2010 Chadd Noland
2013 Kyler Barraza *
2014 Kyler Barraza *
2016 Jake Wheeler

* Southern Oregon Sprint Tour

Previous Winners
May 4, 2013: David Hibbard
May 18, 2013: David Hibbard
May 25, 2013: Kyler Barraza
June 8, 2013: Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 22, 2013: Kyler Barraza
July 1, 2013: Roger Crockett
July 27, 2013: Vern Wheeler Jr.
August 24, 2013: Lawrence Van Hoof
September 14, 2013: Matt Moberly
May 22, 2014: Andy Forsberg
June 14, 2014: Kyler Barraza
June 30, 2014: Rico Abreu
August 2, 2014: David Hibbard
April 18, 2015: Seth Nunes
May 23, 2015: Roger Crockett
June 29, 2015: Colby Copeland
August 15, 2015: Kyle Hirst
April 30, 2016: Vern Wheeler Jr.
May 7, 2016: Vern Wheeler Jr.
June 4, 2016: Jake Wheeler
June 25, 2016: David Hibbard
July 9, 2016: Trey Starks
August 27, 2016: Aaron Miller
September 10, 2016: Bailey Hibbard
September 24, 2016: Jeffrey Hudson
May 20, 2017: Jake Waddell
May 27, 2017: Kyler Barraza
June 17, 2017: Bailey Hibbard
July 1, 2017: Kyler Barraza
July 8, 2017: Bailey Hibbard
July 22, 2017: Kyler Barraza
August 5, 2017: Jake Wheeler
August 19, 22017: David Hibbard

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