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Schutte, Ensign Win At Petaluma Speedway  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Friday Jul 27th, 2018 06:06 AM
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Don Martin II

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Schutte, Ensign Win At Petaluma Speedway

Petaluma, CA...July 21...The Bay Cities Racing Association was back at Petaluma Speedway for a shootout race with the United States Auto Club Midgets. It was also a special occasion for the BCRA. It was the annual London Bash. Five people were inducted into the BCRA Hall of Fame at the picnic before the races. Joining the Midgets on the program for the night where the PitStopUSA.com Winged Sprint Cars, Jake's Performance Hobbies Mini Stocks and Santa Rosa Auto Body 600 Micros.

Alex Schutte scored the victory in the 30 lap BCRA Midget Main Event. Schutte took up pursuit of early leader David Prickett before making his winning move on lap 15. Prickett fell back as far as fourth, but he made a rally and just barely beat Michael Faccinto back to the line in a photo finish for second. Reigning BCRA champion Maria Cofer was a solid fourth, followed by Frankie Guerrini, Robbie Josett, Geoff Ensign, Randi Pankratz, CJ Sarna and Kyle Beilman.

Clayton Ruston paced the 21 car field in qualifying with a quick lap of 15.339. Schutte turned a 15.428 for second quick. The three eight lap heat races were won by the Faccinto, Guerrini and Daniel Anderson. This season's BCRA Hall of Fame class includes Don Meacham, Chuck Stevenson, Rick Holbrook, Peggy Holbrook and John Mosekian.

Geoff Ensign drove the Ted Finkenbinder owned Sprinter to the victory in the 25 lap PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event. Ensign is the reigning track champion, and he led all the way in victory. However, he had to withstand some serious pressure from both John Clark and Klint Simpson in a close finish at the checkered flag. For Clark, second was his best finish of the season. Brett Rollag finished fourth, followed by DJ Freitas, Bradley Terrell, Justin Henry, Colby Johnson, Brent Bjork and Jake Haulot. Clark was the fast qualifier with a lap of 13.699. Terrell, Freitas and Henry were the eight lap heat race winners.

Dave Spindell scored the victory in the 20 lap Jake's Performance Hobbies Mini Stock Main Event. In the process, Spindell became the first two-time winner of the season. Championship contender Tom Brown was also going for his second win of the year, and he kept it close all the way to the checkered flag in second. Previous winner, Jeremy Tjensvold, was a distant third, followed by Roy Dearing, Kelly Campanile, Danny Manzoni, Aiden Avila, Sophie Shelley, Randy Miramontez and Mike Cover. Tjensvold and Spindell were the six lap heat race winners.

David Engstrom won the crash shortened nine lap Santa Rosa Auto Body 600 Micro Main Event. Engstrom and George Nielsen were in the midst of a battle when the caution flag came out after 9 laps. Young Cody Gray finished third, followed by Brian Slubik and Justin Adiego. There was a lengthy red flag during the race for a nasty flip involving Rick Cook. Fortunately, he was okay. Cook picked up a six lap heat race win earlier in the evening. Slubik and Nielsen were the other heat winners.

Racing continues next Saturday night with a special $3,000 to win offering for the PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Cars. The PitStopUSA.com Wingless Spec Sprints will be there along with the McLea's Tire Service IMCA Modifieds and General Hydroponics Redwood Dwarf Cars. For further information, go to http://www.petaluma-speedway.com.

Petaluma Speedway Unofficial Race Results July 21, 2018
PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Cars
Results are not official
1 #3f Geoff Ensign
2 #12j John Clark
3 #101 Klint Simpson
4 #27 Brett Rollag
5 #20 DJ Freitas
6 #43 Bradley Terrell
7 #24 Justin Henry
8 #38 Colby Johnson
9 #7b Brent Bjork
10 #7h Jake Haulot
11 #9n Nicholas Ringo
12 #88 Bret Barney
13 #6 Will Fatu
14 #6d Matt DeMartini
15 #87p Jacob Tuttle
16 #25b Chet Wilson
17 #33 Jason McIntosh

Results are not official
1 #28 Alex Schutte
2 #24x David Prickett
3 #9d Michael Faccinto
4 #57 Maria Cofer
5 #63 Frankie Guerrini
6 #2x Robby Josett
7 #3f Geoff Ensign
8 #8 Randi Pankratz
9 #20 CJ Sarna
10 #31 Kyle Beilman
11 #78 Marvin Mitchell
12 #77 Daniel Anderson
13 #2 Jackson Dukes
14 #7r Clayton Ruston
15 #11 Matt Sargent
16 #15 Ashley Hazelton-Heredia
17 #7 Shannon McQueen
18 #1p Ariel Biggs
19 #4d Robert Dalby
20 #74 JR Williams

Jake's Performance Hobbies Mini Stocks
Results are not official
1 #13 Dave Spindell
2 #3r Tom Brown
3 #3xr Jeremy Tjensvold
4 #c4 Roy Dearing
5 #2 Kelly Campanile
6 #m1a Danny Manzoni
7 #8 Aiden Avila
8 #22z Sophie Shelley
9 #81 Randy Miramontez
10 #7 Mike Cover
11 #88 Tony Miramontez
12 #25c Roberta Broze

Santa Rosa Auto Body 600 Micros
Results are not official
1 #29 David Engstrom
2 #23 George Nielson
3 #04 Cody Gray
4 #121 Brian Slubik
5 #53 Justin Adiego
6 #2j Zack Albers
7 #5 Kyle Grissom
8 #00 Scott McIntosh
9 #11a Amber Fields
10 #17r Justin Wade
11 #31 Trevor Mendenhall
12 #4b Sam Borland
13 #41s Jack Clark
14 #22 Victor Guerra
15 #7 Rick Cook II
16 #7j Jim Weiler
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