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Forsberg, Terrell Win At Petaluma Speedway  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thursday Aug 2nd, 2018 07:38 PM
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Forsberg, Terrell Win At Petaluma Speedway

Petaluma, CA...July 28...Andy Forsberg claimed the victory in the 30 lap PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Saturday night at Petaluma Speedway. Forsberg collected $3,000 for his win as this was the second PitStopUSA.com Challenge race. Bradley Terrell had his sights set on a double win after picking up the victory in the Wingless Spec Sprint race. Terrell charged into the lead at the start of the Main Event, followed by Forsberg. Klint Simpson settled into third on lap eight and began a fierce battle with Forsberg for second. Simpson motored around Forsberg for second on lap 19, and the duo soon caught Terrell in traffic. Forsberg raced underneath Simpson for second down the backstretch of the 22nd lap. Working lap 24, Simpson made a move around Terrell for the lead down the backstretch. Moments later, Simpson and Terrell tangled in Turn 3, ending the night for Terrell. Forsberg led the restart and paced the remaining seven laps for the big victory. Kalib Henry finished second, followed by Geoff Ensign, David Lindt II, Scott Parker, Brett Barney, Chase Majdic, Simpson, Brett Rollag and Jake Haulot.

It was Butler Auto Glass Night at the races, and Forsberg set the quick time with a lap of 12.597. Henry was second quick at 12.632. Majdic held off Parker to win the first eight lap heat race, and Terrell picked up the second heat race win ahead of Simpson.

Bradley Terrell scored the victory in the 25 lap PitStopUSA.com Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event. Shayna Sylvia was the early leader, but Casey McClain took over on the fourth lap. Terrell settled into third on a lap seven restart and took second from Sylvia on lap nine. The lead duo ran and closely, and the yellow flag flew on lap 16. McLain led the restart, but Terrell went charging by for the lead on lap 18. Terrell led the rest of the way to grab the win. McLain settled for second, followed by Sylvia, Ryon Siverling, Keith Calvino, Eden McCormick, Matthew Haulot, Bob Davis, Dan Younce and Chet Wilson. Terrell set the fast time of 14.325 and Sylvia was second quick with a lap of 14.495. Eight lap heat race wins were scored by Terrell and Sylvia.

Michael Paul Jr won the 25 lap McLea's Tire Service IMCA Modified Main Event. Paul led from the third lap with Mitch Machado running second through the first 13 laps. A lap 14 restart allowed reigning champion Oreste Gonella to move into second and take up pursuit of Paul. However, Paul begin to pull away, only to have his pace slowed one more time by a lap 22 caution flag. That would not stop Paul as he resumed command on the restart and brought it home to victory, followed by Gonella, point leader Jeffrey Faulkner, Tim Yeager Jr, Ray Trimble, Tony Bernard, Justin Yeager, Machado and Anthony Restad. Machado and Paul picked up the wins in their eight lap heat races.

Miranda Chappa won the General Hydroponics Redwood Dwarf Car Main Event. The race was scheduled to go 25 laps, but time restraints became a factor after the seventh caution flag as the race was ended at 22 laps. Chappa led the race through every slow down, and the early ending may have been a blessing as she finished the race on a flat right rear tire. Reigning champion Dave Mosier had worked his way up to second by lap 10, but his bid for the win ended a lap later as Matt Hagermann took up pursuit of the flying Chappa. When the yellow and checkered flags waved on lap 22, Chappa was still leading Hagermann, and John Peters. Adam Teves finished fourth followed, by Scooter Gomes, Carroll Mendenhall, Brandon Gentry, Adam Johnson, Mark Hanson and Danny Marsh. The eight lap heat races were won Marcus Hardina, Scooter Gomes and Zack Albers.

Racing resumes on August 11th with a four division program that will feature PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Cars, McLea's Tire Service IMCA Modifieds, Lumberjacks Restaurant Super Stocks and General Hydroponics Redwood Dwarf Cars. For further information, go to http://www.petaluma-speedway.com.

Petaluma Speedway Unofficial Race Results July 28, 2018
PitStopUSA.com Winged 360 Sprint Cars
Results are not official
1 #x1 Andy Forsberg
2 #93 Kalib Henry
3 #3f Geoff Ensign
4 #52 David Lindt II
5 #12p Scott Parker
6 #88 Bret Barney
7 #9n Chase Majdic
8 #101 Klint Simpson
9 #27 Brett Rollag
10 #7h Jake Haulot
11 #6 Will Fatu
12 #43 Bradley Terrell
13 #38 Colby Johnson
14 #3t Nicholas Ringo

PitStopUSA.com Wingless Spec Sprints
Results are not official
1 #11 Bradley Terrell
2 #38x Casey McClain
3 #9 Shayna Sylvia
4 #77s Ryon Siverling
5 #73x Keith Calvino
6 #32b Eden McCormick
7 #11h Matthew Haulot
8 #3r Bob Davis
9 #17 Dan Younce
10 #5150 Chet Wilson
11 #57n Dennis Furia Jr.
12 #28 Doc Brophy
13 #92z Scott Chapeta
14 #84 Brent Steck
15 #98 Geoff Ensign

McLea's Tire Service IMCA Modifieds
Results are not official
1 #50 Michael Paul Jr.
2 #23 Oreste Gonnella
3 #34j Jeff Faulkner
4 #17y Tim Yaeger
5 #37 Ray Trimble
6 #42b Tony Bernard
7 #2y Justin Yaeger
8 #22m Mitch Machado
9 #23x Anthony Restad

General Hydroponics Redwood Dwarf Cars
Results are not official
1 #81 Miranda Chappa
2 #59r Matt Hagemann
3 #71r John Peters
4 #42r Adam Teves
5 #66r Scooter Gomes
6 #11r Carroll Mendenhall
7 #31r Brandon Gentry
8 #15r Adam Johnson
9 #79r Mark Hanson
10 #27r Danny Marsh
11 #34r Sam Borland
12 #2j Jenna Perkins
13 #08r Adam Freitas
14 #43r Michael Williams
15 #16z Jordan Souza
16 #2r Kylee Johnson
17 #21r Marcus Hardina
18 #22r Zack Albers
19 #23r Dave Mosier
20 #13r Trevor Mendenhall
21 #03r Mike Affonso
22 #9r Chad Matthias

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