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 Posted: Sunday Jul 30th, 2017 10:14 PM
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Powers thwarts Petersen upset bid, takes ASCS Frontier at Gillette
Andrew Kunas

GILLETTE, Wyo. - For the second night in a row Ned Powers picked up the checkered flag with the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region sprint car series, winning Saturday night's feature that went caution-free at Gillette Thunder Speedway.

There was confusion and debate around the end of Friday's race at Black Hills Speedway, in which Powers was declared the winner after a chaotic race ended prematurely. There was no question on this night, however, as Powers picked up his third career ASCS Frontier Region victory and his sixth overall ASCS victory aboard his own No. 0 Kasskickin-powered Maxim.

It did not come easy for the Belle Fourche, South Dakota driver, who had to prevent what would've been perhaps one of the largest upsets in ASCS history. Powers, who started on the pole as a result of the Top 8 redraw, led the first nine laps before the surprising Shad Petersen of Casper, Wyoming went after him for the lead in traffic.

Petersen, who started alongside Powers, had never finished better than seventh place in an ASCS-sanctioned event, that coming Friday night at Black Hills. Powers, momentarily struggling, went to the inside of the slower car of Roger Cummings while Petersen, who had a run coming off the top of Turn 2, went high around Cummings and the trio went three wide going through Turn 3. Petersen, riding momentum, emerged out of Turn 4 with the lead and for the first time led an ASCS main event lap.

Petersen, suddenly running the race of his life, led the next several laps, working his way around slower cars using the very top of of what was a very dry slick race track while Powers kept pace. Having kept his nose clean and running consistent laps, Petersen led until the 17th circuit when he made his lone mistake that cost him the lead. Petersen got into the loose dirt on the top of Turn 1 and lost traction for a moment. The veteran racer Powers pounced, scooting by Petersen to retake the lead and from there took off.

"Shad ran really well, and he found something before anyone else did way up in no man's land," Powers said in Rod End Supply Victory Lane, referring to Petersen working the very top fo the race track. "This is a new car we got and it's doing great, and we've done great here at Gillette."

Powers won with the ASCS Frontier Region at Gillette Thunder Speedway last August. Before his win Friday at Black Hills, Powers finished third last Saturday at Atomic Motor Raceway in southern Idaho.

Series points leader David Hoiness of Billings, Montana closed in on Petersen at the end, but Petersen, who had never even finished in the Top 5, held on for a runner-up finish aboard the Vallie Novotny Racing No. 2 Wyoming Performance-powered Rocket. Petersen, despite losing the lead and a potential victory on mistake, was still thrilled with his best finish ever in an ASCS sanctioned event and nearly pulling off the upset of the year in ASCS competition.

"That was the shot in the arm I really needed," Petersen said. "This had been a bit of a disappointing season since I had some high hopes and we've struggled a bit instead. This tells me that we can do this. I was wanting to get a podium finish this season and it's great to finally come through with one. I found the top before really anyone else did and I got a run on Ned going down the back stretch in traffic and I was able to get around him. It felt great leading some laps tonight."

Hoiness rebounded from his disappointing Friday finish with a third place finish aboard the family's No. 27DD Wesmar-powered J&J, in the process padding his points lead over Cheyenne, Wyoming's Rich Martin, who finished eighth. Hoiness, who wasn't far behind Powers and Petersen and saw what was happening ahead of him, admitted that he was pulling for Petersen as well.

Eric Lutz, visiting from Sioux Falls, S. Dakota and having won the last time he visited Gillette Thunder Speedway in June, came from the eighth starting spot to finish fourth aboard his own No. 5 Maxim. Jeremy McCune of Shepherd, Mont. finished fifth aboard his own No. 0J K&S-powered J&J and was the last finishing car on the lead lap.

South Dakota drivers Eric Flatmoe and Clint Anderson, Wyoming driver Martin and Anthony Farnsworth and Montana's Mindy McCord rounded out the Top 10. McCord, a sprint car rookie, took over third place in the ASCS Frontier Region points standings with her effort.

Saturday's non-stop main event was welcomed by the race teams, which followed Friday's caution and red flag plagued event that was cut short at Black Hills Speedway. All cars that started Saturday's event were running at the finish.

Heat races were won by Lutz, Martin and McCune. McCune, winning the evening's final heat race from the fourth position, earned the top points score in heat race action. Saturday's event was the third straight in which Martin claimed a heat race victory.

This was the fourth consecutive week of action for the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region, which next runs a Friday night show at Gallatin Speedway in Belgrade, Mont. before finally getting a week off. The series then makes its debut at Sweetwater Speedway in Rock Springs, Wyo. on August 18th and 19th.

More information on the ASCS Frontier Region, National Tour and other ASCS regional tours, including schedules and results, can be found onine at ascsracing.com. You can also find the series on Facebook.

- - -

Brodix ASCS Frontier Region
Gillette Thunder Speedway
Gillette, WY
July 29, 2017

16 cars

Heat 1 (8 laps): 1. 5 Eric Lutz, 2. 9a Clint Anderson, 3. 2 Shad Petersen, 4. 10 Anthony Farnsworth, 5. 33 Robert DeHaan, 6. 00 Roger Cummings.

Heat 2 (8 laps): 1. 24m Rich Martin, 2. 0 Ned Powers, 3. 27DD David Hoiness, 4. 8x Randy Dolberg, 5. 56 Butch Capshaw DNF.

Heat 3 (8 laps): 1. 0J Jeremy McCune, 2. 29 Eric Flatmoe, 3. 11 Mindy McCord, 4. 66 Lany Reber. DNS - 19 Jalen Powers.

High heat race points score: 0J Jeremy McCune, 115

Feature (25 laps): 1. 0 Ned Powers, 2. 2 Shad Petersen, 3. 27DD David Hoiness, 4. 5 Eric Lutz, 5. 0J Jeremy McCune, 6. 29 Eric Flatmoe, 7. 9a Clint Anderson, 8. 24m Rich Martin, 9. 10 Anthony Farnsworth, 10. 11 Mindy McCord, 11. 33 Robert DeHaan, 12. 66 Lany Reber, 13. 8x Randy Dolberg, 14. 00 Roger Cummings, 15. 56 Butch Capshaw, 16. 19 Jalen Powers.

Lap leaders: Ned Powers 1-9, Shad Petersen 10-16, Ned Powers 17-25

- - -

Brodix ASCS Frontier Region
Top 10 points

1. David Hoiness, 1335
2. Rich Martin, 1279
3. Mindy McCord, 1101
4. Robert DeHaan, 1026
5. Damon McCune, 996
6. Clint Anderson, 978
7. Shad Petersen, 880
8. Jeremy McCune, 864
9. Randy Dolberg, 837
10. Ned Powers, 814

- - -

Brodix ASCS Frontier Region
Upcoming events

August 4 - Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT
August 18 - Sweetwater Speedway - Rock Springs, WY
August 19 - Sweetwater Speedway - Rock Springs, WY
September 8 - Gallatin Speedway - Belgrade, MT (Big Sky Supernationals)

- - -

Brodix ASCS Frontier Region
2017 winners

June 2 - Eric Lutz at Black Hills Speedway
June 3 - Eric Lutz at Gillete Thunder Speedway
June 9 - Rained out at Gallatin Speedway
July 7 - Wayne Johnson at Gallatin Speedway (Grizzly Nationals w/ ASCS National)
July 8 - Wayne Johnson at Gallatin Speedway (Grizzly Nationals w/ ASCS National)
July 14 - Sam Hafertepe Jr. at Black Hills Speedway (Rushmore Rumble w/ ASCS National)
July 15 - Aaron Reutzel at Black Hills Speedway (Rushmore Rumble w/ ASCS National)
July 21 - Logan Forler at Atomic Motor Raceway (Rumble in the Desert)
July 22 - Logan Forler at Atomic Motor Raceway (Rumble in the Desert)
July 28 - Ned Powers at Black Hills Speedway
July 29 - Ned Powers at Gillette Thunder Speedway

- - -

Brodix ASCS Frontier Region

ASCS Frontier Region on Facebook

Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour presented by MAVTV Motorsports Network

Brodix, presenting sponsor of the ASCS Frontier Region

Rod End Supply, presenter of ASCS Frontier Region Victory Lane

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