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Allen, Drake and Fireworks Steal the Show at Deming Speedway  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Saturday Jul 7th, 2012 06:23 AM
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Allen, Drake and Fireworks Steal the Show at Deming Speedway


The near capacity crowd at Deming Speedway on Friday night enjoyed great racing and an extraordinary fireworks display on Midseason Championship Night presented by Hawley’s, Les Schwab and 92.9fm KISM. Spud Allen and Eric Drake provided the on track fireworks with thrilling wins in the 600 and 1200 divisions. Austin Sheridan and Jesse Schlotfeldt were also victorious.

In the Speedmart Hoosier 600 open division, it was Allen showing veteran guile and aggressiveness in picking up the feature win. After trailing Derek Torkelson in the early going, Allen saw an extremely narrow window open on the inside of turn number three on the 17th lap and took his shot, squeezing his car into the narrow gap and sliding forward to take the point. From there, clean air was Spud’s best friend as he added a straightaway worth of breathing room before taking the checkered flag ahead of Jared Peterson and Torkelson. Torkelson won the scramble. Peterson set quick time and won his heat. Other heat winners were Chase Schmidt, Shaun Holtorf and Hayden Schmidt. Bill Mercer won the B Main.

Lap 17 was also the magic lap for Eric Drake. Eric had been battling with Tyson Cross all over the track for the second position, finally making the pass at the conclusion of lap 16 and setting sail for Liam Ryan. Lady Luck then smiled her pearly whites at Eric, as Liam looped his car and came to a stop, handing the lead and eventual win to Drake. Second went to Tyson Cross, third to Spud Allen. Cross won the scramble. Aaron Fell set quick time and won heat number one. Heat two went to Brad Davison.

Austin Sheridan had a relatively easy night, leading every lap of every race he was in en route to his fourth feature win of the year in the 600 Restricted division. Sheridan won the scramble and led all thirty laps of the A Main from his pole starting spot. Tristin Thomas was second and Ashley Thompson was third. Rachel Westmoreland was quick time and won her heat. Ian Humphries and Eli Schmidt were the other heat winners.

Make it seven feature wins on the year for Jesse Schlotfeldt in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprint division. Like Sheridan in the 600 Restricted class, Schlotfeldt led every lap of every race he entered, wiring the field in the 20 lap A Main and winning the scramble. Sawyer Sorgenfrei was second and Bradley Parks was third. Tyson Lemley timed in quick and won his heat race.

Kasey Kahne Junior Sprint
Fast Time – Tyson Lemley 13.487
Scramble – Jesse Schlotfeldt
Heat – Tyson Lemley
Main – Jesse Schlotfeldt, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Bradley Parks, Ashton Dial, Lynden Lebedinski, Tyson Lemley, Haley Constance, Tyler McLeod, Allison Johnson, Peyton Hagen, Haylee Bloodgood
Lap Leaders – Schlotfeldt 1-20

600 Restricted
Fast Time – Rachel Westmoreland 11.235
Scramble – Austin Sheridan
Heat 1 – Rachel Westmoreland
Heat 2 – Ian Humphries
Heat 3 – Eli Schmidt
Main – Austin Sheridan, Tristin Thomas, Ashley Thompson, Skyler Jennings, Spencer Constance, Eli Schmidt, Ian Humphries, Kaitlyn Hammer, Dylan Resch, Jake Helsel, Tatum Pospical, JJ Thomas, Isaac Abenroth, Riley Watkins, Darius Walker-Perkins, Rachel Westmoreland, Skylar Gee, Ashleigh Johnson, Kyle Mitchell, Brandee Wood
Lap Leaders – Sheridan 1-30

Fast Time – Aaron Fell 10.246
Scramble – Tyson Cross
Heat 1 – Aaron Fell
Heat 2 – Brad Davison
Main – Eric Drake, Tyson Cross, Spud Allen, Steven Hendrickson, Brad Davison, Wade Spreckelmeyer, Frosty Metcalfe, Liam Ryan, Eric Turner, Duane Mackey, Tony Helsel, Clennon Holloway, Zach Keefe, Aaron Fell, Jared Gunderson, Kyle Kenoyer, Brock Lemley
Lap Leaders – Ryan 1-16 Drake 17-30

Hoosier Speedmart 600s
Fast Time – Jared Peterson 10.410
Scramble – Derek Torkelson
Heat 1 – Jared Peterson
Heat 2 – Chase Schmidt
Heat 3 – Shaun Holtorf
Heat 4 – Hayden Schmidt
B Main – Bill Mercer, Jerrod Saddler, Alden Ostrom, Cory Samuelson, Austin Sheridan, Paul Taylor, Rick Smith, Rob Deez
A Main – Spud Allen, Jared Peterson, Derek Torkelson, Dustin O’Brien, Blake Brigge, Brandon Turner, Phil Schemenauer, Greg Tourond, Cory Samuelson, Jerrod Saddler, Brayden Planko, Bill Mercer, Kelly Mauck, Nate Vaughn, Alex Gauthier, Hayden Schmidt, Shaun Holtorf, Chase Schmidt, Jacob Brown, Alden Ostrom, Brock Lemley, Liam Ryan
Lap Leaders – Torkelson 1-16 Allen 17-30

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