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Exciting 600 Finish Thrills Deming Speedway Crowd  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Saturday Apr 12th, 2014 05:33 AM
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Exciting 600 Finish Thrills Deming Speedway Crowd




Deming , WA - On a chilly Friday night, Deming Speedway fans were treated to a fantastic night of racing presented by Diehl Ford and Guardian Security. Jared Peterson and Liam Ryan left the exiting crowd breathless as the two went nose to tail for 25 laps in the 600 Open division main event before Peterson emerged triumphant. Brock Lemley became the first two time winner on the year in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 class, while Eli Schmidt and Tyler McLeod won the mains in the 600 Restricted and Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints.


In the finale of the evening, Jared Peterson and Liam Ryan were locked into a heavyweight championship style battle for supremacy where the winner wasn’t determined until the final corner of the final lap. Peterson led every lap, but only led the final 100 or so feet of lap 25, as Ryan had shot around Jared in turn 1 and slammed the door shut (seemingly) going into turn 3. Peterson, who had successfully defended the bottom groove over the bulk of the race, took to the high side and used heavy lapped traffic in the middle of the turn to set a basketball style pick on Liam, retaking the lead and scoring the win in the process. Robbie Price was third. Kevin Wilkinson was quick time. Heat wins went to Skyler Jennings, Chase Schmidt, Keith Wickard and Brock Lemley.


For the second straight week, Brock Lemley scored the victory in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. His path to victory was significantly tougher this weekend, with Jared Gundersen staying within striking distance for the duration of the 25 lap main event, but never quite close enough to show Brock a wheel. Steven Hendrickson ran third. Gundersen was quick time. Hendrickson and Dwayne Mackey won the heats.


Eli Schmidt was a wire to wire winner in an intense 600 Restricted main event. Schmidt held off a strong challenge from Kaitlyn Hammer amongst heavy lapped traffic to score the victory. The top two were followed to the line by Tanner Holm, who set quick time on the night. Heat wins went to Ashley Thompson, Brandee Wood, Isaac Abenroth and Dylan Resch.


Tyler McLeod won his first main event of the season in a fast paced affair in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints. McLeod led every lap of the main event with Haley Constance right on his tail for the majority of the contest. Levi Klatt was third for the second straight week. Constance was fast time and won her heat race. McLeod and Klatt won the other heats.


Diehl Ford/Guardian Security Night


600 Open

Fast Time – Kevin Wilkinson 10.212

Heat 1 – Skyler Jennings, Kevin Wilkinson, Robbie Price, Kinser Kennedy, Chase Goetz, Nick Thornhill, Steve Anderson

Heat 2 – Chase Schmidt, Spud Allen, Joe Constance, Kris Labree, Austin Sheridan, Kyle Kennedy

Heat 3 – Keith Wickard, Liam Ryan, Nate Vaughn, Dustin O’Brien, Alden Ostrom, Tanner Reid

Heat 4 – Brock Lemley, Jared Peterson, Chance Crum, Jacob Brown, Jeff Little, Rachel Westmoreland

B Main – Austin Sheridan, Goetz, Reid, Ky Kennedy, Little, Ostrom, Anderson, Thornhill (DQ-Weighed Light)

A Main – Jared Peterson, Ryan, Price, Jennings, Crum, Lemley, Allen, Constance, Schmidt, Wilkinson, Vaughn, Reid, Ki Kennedy, Sheridan, O’Brien, Goetz, Labree, Wickard, Ky Kennedy, Brown

Lap Leaders – Peterson 1-25


Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200

Fast Time – Jared Gundersen 10.310

Heat 1 – Steven Hendrickson, Clennon Holloway, Jake Helsel, Jared Gundersen, Nate Vaughn, Dick Williams

Heat 2 – Dwayne Mackey, Brock Lemley, Tyson Cross, Zach Keefe, Ryan Cully

Main – Brock Lemley, Gundersen, Hendrickson, Helsel, Mackey, Holloway, Cully, Vaughn, Cross, Keefe, Williams

Lap Leaders – Lemley 1-25


600 Restricted

Fast Time – Tanner Holm 11.292

Heat 1 – Ashley Thompson, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Tanner Holm, Spencer Constance, Katie Turner, Tatum Pospical

Heat 2 – Brandee Wood, Eli Schmidt, Devon Borden, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Darius Walker-Perkins, Hunter Crum

Heat 3 – Isaac Abenroth, Reese Wickard, Kaitlyn Hammer, Ashleigh Johnson, Cody Hogarth, Cain Cress

Heat 4 – Dylan Resch, Kyle Kennedy, JJ Thomas, Riley Watkins, Ian Humphries

B Main – Cody Hogarth, Turner, Walker-Perkins, Humphries, Cress, Crum

A Main – Eli Schmidt, Hammer, Holm, Borden, Resch, Wood, Wickard, Thomas, Schlotfeldt, Thompson, Constance, Johnson, Hogarth, Walker-Perkins, Watkins, Sorgenfrei, Humphries, Turner, Kennedy, Abenroth

Lap Leaders – Schmidt 1-25



Kasey Kahne Junior Sprint

Fast Time – Haley Constance 13.448

Heat 1 – Haley Constance, Peyton Hagen, Allison Johnson, Peyton Rambow, Mitchell Helsel, Chase Stuart

Heat 2 – Tyler McLeod, Macie Logsdon, Tyson Lemley, Blake Fagerlie, Arissa Lamm, Collin Resch

Heat 3 – Levi Klatt, Dakota Drake, Parker Hadlock, O’Riley Benda, Haylee Bloodgood

Main – Tyler McLeod, Constance, Klatt, Johnson, Drake, Lemley, Logsdon, Hagen, Alex Guoy, Lamm, Fagerlie, Hadlock, Bloodgood, Stuart, Benda, Resch, Rambow, Helsel

Lap Leaders – McLeod 1-15

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