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Late Race Move Pays off for Cross  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Saturday Sep 19th, 2015 05:36 AM
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Late Race Move Pays off for Cross


Everson, WA – Tyson Cross made a late race move that provided a meaningful win at Deming Speedway on Friday night in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200 division. On EMD Construction and Special T Signs night, Joe Constance, Bailey Sucich, Mike Vollbrecht and Parker Hadlock joined him in victory lane.

The night began with memorial laps for Fred Rannard Sr, which Cross and Brock Lemley performed in their 1200s. When Fred Jr asked Tyson to do the memorial lap earlier in the week, Tyson responded with “not only will I do the lap, but I’ll go win the race”. Cross proved to be a man of his word, as on the 21st lap, he changed lines from low to high and found momentum on the top to clear Jared Gundersen and take the lead. Cross would hold serve for the final few circuits to take the victory, his fourth of the season. Gundersen nearly cemented the point title by taking second, with Seth Hespe taking third. Lemley was quick time. Heat winners were Eric Turner and Clennon Holloway.

“Score one for the old guys” exclaimed 51 year old Joe Constance after winning the feature in the Speedmart Hoosier 600 open division. Constance inherited the lead on lap 10 as race leader Liam Ryan came to a stop under caution laps. Constance was challenged late by Dylan Resch, but held on to take the win, his first of 2015. Resch collected a career best second place finish in the open division, with Shaun Holtorf charging from deep in the field to finish third. Derek Torkelson was tops in qualifying. Constance, Ryan and Holtorf won the heats.

The Northwest Focus Midget Series made their final appearance of 2015 at Deming Speedway, where Mike Vollbrecht won his fifth race of the season and Tristin Thomas collected the championship. Ryan Cully led the first four laps, and if he’d been able to hang on, would have taken the title from Tristin by one point. Vollbrecht would not let that happen, as the driver of the #4 swept around the outside of Cully in corner four on lap five to take the lead. Cully showed Vollbrecht a nose often, but Vollbrecht repelled him each time to score the win. Cully settled for second in the race and in the points chase, while fast qualifier Nick Evans took third. Thomas’ fourth place finish was enough to secure the title, his second championship of the year with the series after locking up the Skagit Speedway title earlier this year. Cully won the heat race.

Bailey Sucich experienced a dream come true by leading every lap of the Mytrafficman.NET 600 restricted main event to win her first career Deming Speedway feature. Sucich was at times dominant in the feature, only slowing up amongst lapped traffic. JJ Thomas closed a few times around the slower cars but could never capitalize, giving Sucich the win and the big trophy. Thomas would settle for second while Sawyer Sorgenfrei finished third and closed on Jesse Schlotfeldt for the race for the championship, narrowing the gap to five points heading into the final night. Schlotfeldt was fast time. Heat winners were Ryley Mayer, Darius Walker- Perkins and Riley Watkins.

Parker Hadlock recovered from a mid-race mishap to take the win in the Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints. Hadlock had the early advantage before getting squirrely on lap six, allowing Baker Fagerlie to take the lead from him. Fagerlie stretched his advantage before the handle began to fade in his car, allowing Hadlock to close back in and pass him back for the lead on the 11th lap. Haley Constance also passed Baker in the same exchange, and pressured Parker over the final few circuits but Hadlock held strong to take the win. Constance finished one spot short of the clean sweep on the night, after setting fast time and winning her heat. The other heat winners were Tyler McLeod and Peyton Hagen.

Speedmart Hoosier 600 Open
Fast Time – Derek Torkelson 10.516
Heat 1 – Joe Constance, Chance Crum, Derek Torkelson, Keith Wickard, Spencer Constance, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Brandee Wood
Heat 2 – Liam Ryan, Brock Lemley, Kevin Wilkinson, Tanner Holm, Kaitlyn Hammer, Jeff Little
Heat 3 – Shaun Holtorf, Kyle Mitchell, Isaac Abenroth, Dylan Resch, Josh Monroe, Alden Ostrom
Main – Joe Constance, Resch, Holtorf, Crum, Hammer, Abenroth, Ryan, Wilkinson, Ostrom, Lemley, Torkelson, Little, Wood, Wickard, S Constance, Mitchell, Monroe, Schlotfeldt
Lap Leaders – Ryan 1-9 J Constance 10-25

Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200
Fast Time – Brock Lemley 10.588
Heat 1 – Eric Turner, Shaun Holtorf, Brock Lemley, Jared Gundersen, Steven Hendrickson, Shane Smith, Justin Vaughn
Heat 2 – Clennon Holloway, Tyson Cross, Dwayne Mackey, Seth Hespe, Trevor Cook, Dick Williams, Chad Reid
Main – Tyson Cross, Gundersen, Hespe, Hendrickson, Holloway, Mackey, Reid, Williams, Turner, Vaughn, Cook, Smith, Holtorf, Lemley
Lap Leaders – Gundersen 1-20 Cross 21-25

Northwest Focus Midgets
Fast Time – Nick Evans 11.511
Heat – Ryan Cully, Nick Evans, Mike Vollbrecht, Tristin Thomas, Thomas Walker, Michael Hodel, Kenzi Thomas, Jeremiah Franklin, Al Goldie
Main – Michael Vollbrecht, Cully, Evans, T Thomas, Franklin, M Thomas, Walker, Goldie, Hodel
Lap Leaders – Cully 1-4 Vollbrecht 5-25

Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted
Fast Time – Jesse Schlotfeldt 11.188
Heat 1 – Ryley Mayer, Devin Borden, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Kaden Holm, Katie Turner, Tatum Pospical, Allison Johnson
Heat 2 – Darius Walker-Perkins, Bailey Sucich, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Peyton Reed, Ashley Thompson, Peyton Hagen
Heat 3 – Riley Watkins, Tyson Lemley, Ashleigh Johnson, JJ Thomas, Lizzy Johnson, Collin Mackey
Main – Bailey Sucich, Thomas, Sorgenfrei, As Johnson, Watkins, Schlotfeldt, Reed, Thompson, Mayer, Walker-Perkins, Hagen, Borden, L Johnson, Pospical, Turner, Mackey, Al Johnson, Lemley, Holm
Lap Leaders – Sucich 1-25

Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints
Fast Time – Haley Constance 12.763
Heat 1 – Haley Constance, Blaine Granberg, Mitchell Helsel, Baker Fagerlie, Peyton Rambow, Olina Howe, Levi Kuntz
Heat 2 – Tyler McLeod, Macie Logsdon, Levi Klatt, Dakota Drake, Haylee Bloodgood, Carson Guffie
Heat 3 – Peyton Hagen, Chase Stuart, Parker Hadlock, Alex Gouy, Peyton Drake, Hayden Bloodgood
B Main – Haylee Bloodgood, P Drake, Rambow, Howe, Guffie, Kuntz, Hayd Bloodgood
A Main – Parker Hadlock, Constance, Fagerlie, McLeod, Klatt, Gouy, Hagen, Granberg, Helsel, Rambow, Stuart, Hayl Bloodgood, D Drake, Howe, P Drake, Logsdon
Lap Leaders – Hadlock 1-5 Fagerlie 6-11 Hadlock 12-15

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