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 Posted: Friday Jul 18th, 2014 08:10 PM
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Thomas Greenhalgh

Joined: Wednesday Jul 16th, 2014
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I've been trying to get a Renegade built for a couple of years, but family had to come first, so the project just sat. But now I am ready to finish it. As far as I can tell, I have just about everything I need, just don't have the proper equipment to finish it. I need to properly mount the seat, fuel tank, harness, and window net. I just do not have any experience welding, and want to be sure it is done right. I'm not building a cage, but I am putting door bars on, and have enough steel for some sort of spreader bar.

I grew up watching the races as often as I could, and racing was always a childhood dream. In high school, I built a Hornet car as my "senior project", but the motor gave out before I could race, and I scrapped it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and welcomed. I would also love to help someone at the track with their car, to get some experience, and an idea of how things work there.

Right now the car is at my in-laws in Machias, but I can move it to wherever is most convenient.

Again, any help or guidance is welcomed and appreciated, as I don't personally know any racers and have been basically doing this project alone.

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