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 Posted: Wednesday Jul 5th, 2006 10:59 PM
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I couldn't agree more about them being first class and qualified!  They are such a big part of our family.........Kenny and Jo refer to Chance as their son.   Now that has raised a few eyebrows:D

Kenny is just thrilled to be in the pits helping the kid.   No matter what happens he stays cool and calm and always knows what to do and gits-r-done:D  But I will tell you that Chance wouldn't be as far as he is with the LM if it weren't for Kenny!!

Keep your eyes open for the black #34 Late Model with blue flames!  We along with the Wheatons,  will definately be at Medford in September for the I-5 Bud cup and if we can break away,  we might just show up at Willamette before season's end!

You may remember my son..........last couple of years he drove a black Mini Truck,  the #86 with flames.  He's been to Medford and Willamette  

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