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 Posted: Saturday Apr 16th, 2011 08:34 PM
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So on the Hosehead's forum (NorCal page) someone was asking about a list of NARC champions and race winners and I looked back at my old Sprint Car Annuals and was able to provide the NARC champions list and all main event winners between 1992 and NARC's final season in 2000.

Couldn't help but look at everything else too...using the Annual covering the 1992 season, let's look back at the Montana Open Wheel Racing Association, a forerunner of today's Big Sky Sprint Tour.

It ran at the following tracks that year....
Capital City Speedway - Helens, MT (now closed)
Electric City Speedway - Great Falls, MT
Bridge County Raceway - Lethbridge, Alberta
Hub of the Valley Speedway - Belgrade, MT (now closed, Gallatin Speedway later opened in '98)
Magic City Speedway - Billings, MT (now closed, Billings Motorsports Park later opened in 2003-ish)

Of those five tracks, three of them are no longer around.

- - -

The 1992 season main event winners

May 9 - Steve Celar at Helena

May 16 - Steve Celar at Great Falls

May 23 - Bill Boyce at Lethbridge

June 5 - Steve Celar at old Belgrade

June 6 - Don Miller at Helena

June 27 - Jerry Mills at Magic City

July 10 - Shawna Wilskey at Helena

July 11 - Steve Celar at Helena

July 18 - Billy Keester at Magic City

July 25 - Jesse Mota at Great Falls

August 1 - Fritz Krank at Magic City

August 14 - Steve Celar at old Belgrade

August 15 - Steve Celar at Helena

August 29 - Bill Boyce at at Great Falls

September 12 - Steve Celar at Helena

September 18 - Mike Sitzman at Magic City

September 19 - Wade Fleming at Magic City

- - -

Celar, from Helena, won his 5th straight MOWRA title that year, winning by 55 points over Mota, from Billings.