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 Posted: Friday Nov 25th, 2011 05:27 PM
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To the valued membership of NWRacechat –

I want to thank you for your continued support of our website / message board. Together, we’ve grown this site into an important tool for teams, fans and tracks/series to disseminate information and discuss racing in the Pacific Northwest. As part of our future growth plan, I want to outline some new membership guidelines and policies that we will be governing by in the near future.

A) In the past, we have had a strict zero tolerance policy on negative speak towards Tracks/Series and Individuals. While this has been a positive for us in terms of getting race teams and organizations involved in message board participation, the backbone of this site is the posters in the community. When you have an opinion, positive or negative, we want you to be able to say what you feel without feeling like the moderators are playing “message board cop”. Therefore, the zero tolerance policy towards negative speak on tracks/series and individuals is lifted and replaced with the following:
B) Posts containing slander/libel, cursing, outrights lies and falsehoods, extreme defamation of character or otherwise epic douchebaggery will be deleted and the member will subject to the disciplinary policy noted below.
C) Examples of posts now allowed – “I feel ____ raceway/speedway could do a better job of posting event start times” “____ driver needs to do a better job of not crashing out the rest of the field” “the wait times at the concession line were too long for my taste”
D) Examples of posts that will be subject to disciplinary action – “ F*** xxx raceway, I can never find out when they are running because their website sucks” “Joe Anybody is a horrible racer who needs to retire because he can’t see more than three feet in front of him at any point in time” “Not only does it take forever and a day to get food at that place, but the quality is S***ty and the staff are a bunch of inbreds”
E) You are encouraged to debate issues publically with the idea of making things better, not just as a forum for venting. If for example you are upset with ticket prices for a special event, be prepared to offer an opinion as to things that could be done to alleviate the cost. The moderation staff will be actively challenging you to look for and help reach solutions to the problems as noted, not just bitch about them.
F) Don’t beat topics in to the ground. You don’t need to say “I hate watching the hornets because their lap times are too slow” more than once or twice before we get your point.
G) Remember that in the end, we want to make things better for everyone – tracks, teams and fans. Positive attitudes go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.
H) The majority of the previously banned board members are going to be reinstated. While the administration may have personal issues with some of them, most do have valuable input to be seen and heard. As Americans, we believe in second chances and most of those who were members will be invited to participate in discussion once again. That being said…
I) All membership will still be by admission of me, the site owner, per application and registration policy. Current board members will be grandfathered into membership. Membership will remain free of charge. Current members who violate any of the policies below will be have a three step policy in terms of disciplinary action:
J) Step 1 – Deletion of current user name and re-registration under your real life first and last name. If you are a member under your current name, refer to step 2.
K) Step 2 – One month suspension of posting privileges (read only status, able to pm but not post on topics).
L) Step 3 – Permanent deletion of account.
M) User Names - all new members from this point forward 11/25/11 will be registered only as the race team name, personal user name or business name. We want accountability for your posts and feel this is the way to do so. Since informally adopting this policy when I bought the board we have had seen a serious drop in personal attacks.

So there is the new manifesto for you. Try not to anger each other too much. Remember that there are sponsors, promoters, owners, drivers etc. who read this board, and that what you say can and will have an effect on their actions. You can be a positive part of the growth and success of racing in the Pacific NW.

Kelly Hart

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