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 Posted: Thursday Jan 26th, 2012 08:18 PM
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Sorry it has been so long for me on this web page,,, guess I been out surfing the waves to much, lol.

I'm stoked we still have this race chat page that we as myself race fan can sometimes chat about a race or driver, promoter etc. etc..   and yes maybe stricker rules but so does the state laws to... I love running into friends that maybe I've know for along time but only knew them as their user name,,, me I think most of you know who I am as Harley Tom and killer Lucy my little dog that Rick T named her many yrs ago, lol...

    Well I hope I will be able to show up to more races this year due to my work was very little in the past,, I'm married now to a wounderful lady named Terry and shes been around racing in her past ans now with me surfing shes condent in what ever we both want to do,,, so I guess thats all hope to see everyone this 2012 race season at on track or another..

Tom @ Harley Tom:cool:

Just wanted to say 1 more thing,, the men and women that put their own time in every week @ all the track including the ones we never see,, just want to give my thanks to them for always helping each week  for all the tracks!...;)