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 Posted: Monday Oct 19th, 2015 06:16 AM
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Attendees at the Golden Wheels Fraternity Banquet on October 17, 2015, saw four well deserving drivers inducted into the Hall of Fame. Three from the Northwest, James (Jim) Edwards, John Wood Jr. and Dave Craver and, California driver Dave Imrie joined the 58 previous inductees in the Golden Wheels Hall of Fame. In attendance to accept their awards from Golden Wheels president Hal Schlegel were Jim Edwards, John Wood, Jr. and Dave Craver. Dave Imrie was unable to attend.

Also in attendance to congratulate the new inductees were Hall of Fame members Jerry Day and Frankie Volz. Needless to say, the stories were aplenty during the evening.

Shown in the photo are Jim Edwards, John Wood, Jr., Hal Schlegel and Dave Craver with the Golden Wheels Hall of Fame display.

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