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 Posted: Thursday Jul 14th, 2016 05:03 AM
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Part 2: While Still a Dirt Track Organization

After the initial 1957 start with the track located at the Connely farm, land was leased from the City of Monroe and the track continued to grow from 1958 until it’s demise in 1977 when the City of Monroe decided to not renew the lease. The gravel under the hill was more valuable to the city than the token lease amount. Hundreds of names are responsible for keeping the track going of those next 56 years, but many of the true work horse names remained the same.
Marv Larson, President
Joe Bauer, President
Dave Hill, Vice-President
Stan Moser, Treasurer
Joan Meritt, Book Keeper
Richard Parrick, Secretary
Larry Dean, Track Manager
Wayne Dean, Assistant Track Manager
Merle Redwood, Chief Steward
Clay Hall Pit Boss
Randy Moser, Flagman
Bob Christianson, Assistant Flagman
Harry Sherman, Assistant Flagman
Dick and Mary Anderson, Announcer and Advertising
Stan and Lavett Moser, Timmer and Assistant
Lap Counters:
Shirley Arrants, Dee Steelsmith, Doris Pierce, Arlene Matthews
Board Members and Tech Committee:
Larry Dean, Frank Tucker, Crazy Wally, Gene Dove, Jim Nield, Don Hanson, Ron Radke, Dave Hill.
Safety Committee:
Bud Sprague, Glen Tucker, Don Hanson, Chris Engen, and of course Mr. Micrometer Jimmy Collier
Corner Flagmen:
Pete Winters, Herman Harriman, Ted McKennon
Pit Concession Managers:
Denise Parrick and LaVern Bauer
Barb Evans, Photographer
Lillian Larson, Cashier
Sharon Rayfield, Trophy Girl Manager
Nel Brownfield, Trophy Buyer
Ticket Sellers:
Sharon Brubaker and Pat Dean
Candy and Pop Sells:
Janie Barns and Carol Stewert
Pit Gate:
Ocie Hampton, Carol Hampton, Lee Walling, Diane Potter
Push Truck Drivers:
Dick Paine, Tom Gudmundso, Fred Wilcox, Steve Osterdam, Rick Johnson,Don Mays, Jerry Helm, Mike Mills, Mike Baker, George’s 24 Hour Towing, Whiteside Towing
I bet there are many names that have not been heard for awhile, and remember, these are the people behind the scenes.

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