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 Posted: Thursday Jul 14th, 2016 11:24 AM
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T. Michael

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I don't really know how far out my post will go, but to my racer friends, Western Washington Racing Association which is really an extension of Sky Valley Racing Association, has a race scheduled for the 22nd of July. It may well be one of the last. With the closing of Ephrata and now WWRA's tough decision to disband, racing in general is taking a big hit. I hope enough people in racing will share my post to make the July 22 event as big as possible. We really need cars (WESCO Sprint cars, stock cars, foreign stocks, Jalopys, Early Mods, bump to pass, Dwarf, Midgets, Legends, plus any and all the classes of cars that have made up a part of WWRA, to attend as we are trying to pay tribute to all the members that have tried to keep the club going since its founding fathers started it in 1957.
Think about it and help spread the word. I would love to make it a reunion of the old SVRA (Those of us still alive) members and also those with WWRA that have kept it going for 59 years.
Golden Wheels has indicated they will be there with some of their great vintage racer which is always good for the show
Admission is free, so come out and help us pay our respect to those that have let us build such great racing memories.
Randy, we will make Joe Bauer the Grand Marshal if you can get him to attend. Maybe Curt on the Flag Stand.

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