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 Posted: Monday Jan 1st, 2018 02:31 AM
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I was inspired by a recent episode of the "KissFAQ Podcast" on YouTube where the guys were quizzed on the band Kiss. Go ahead and check it out!

They were asked 30 questions about "the hottest band in the world", but I'm not going to do 30 questions. No way, no how. I think 15 is more plenty. So, these questions deal with races from last season and some cool other stuff. I'll reveal the answers later. Good luck!

1. How many sprint cars were there on the first night of Marvin Smith Memorial Grove Classic at Cottage Grove on May 27?

2. Two-time ASCS national champion Sam Hafertepe, Jr. was the winner of the last two editions of the Jim Raper Memorial Super Dirt Cup. Sam has a lot of success at Skagit Speedway, as he picked up his first WoO win in 2011. Who was he driving for?

3. Former ASCS champ Aaron Reutzel has announced he's switching gears to run with the Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions this season. He has partnered up with what fellow Texan to form a new race team?

4. Roger Crockett won Fred Brownfield Classic at Grays Harbor Raceway on July 1. He was on his way to win the first Brownfield Memorial with the ASCS in 2009, but he was DQ'ed for being underweight. Who ended up being the winner?

5. World of Outlaws racer Daryn Pittman set a new track record at GHR at 11.716 seconds on September 4. Who was second fastest?

6. In the season opener with the Summer Thunder Sprint Series and the Washington Modified Tour at Yakima on March 31, there were some families that raced together. There were brothers in the sprint cars (Chase and Reece Goetz) and a father-and-son duo in the mods (Craig and Kyler Moore). Name the husband-and-wife team in the mods.

7. This modified racer has won three races at GHR in the last two seasons, and he's won it on the last corner in two of them. Name him.

8. Tom Sweatman has won how many track championships at GHR?

9. This street stock regular at GHR brought in a modified on May 20 and it was his first mod start in nearly 20 years. Who is he?

10. The Northwest Focus Midgets had a very strong field of drivers in 2017. Name the only driver that doesn't live in the Pacific Northwest that won a race.

11. Who was the midget racer who got married during the summer?

12. The midgets made their first appearance at Silver Dollar Speedway for the Fall Nationals on September 29 and 30. Who won the main events for both nights?

13. Chance Crum had a very productive 2017 season with wins in midgets and mini sprints. How many victories did he have in all?

14. Garrett Thomas won the midget title at GHR, while Tristin Thomas claimed the championship at Skagit. Who was the midget champion at Deming Speedway?

15. Everyone at has their own little quirks. Who on this board is a former R/C car series champion? You can say the person's name and/or username.

Avatar: Sam Hafertepe, Jr. at Grays Harbor Raceway in the Fred Brownfield Classic (taken 6/30/17).

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