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 Posted: Sunday Nov 4th, 2007 06:16 AM
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The only photo that I have of your roadster with the cage is on
Maybe a guy like Ralph Monhay might have some more. I'll check around.

Ed Williams passed some modified/sprint info onto me a while back. Here's the top ten championship points for the Washington Auto Racing Association in 1969:

Jerry Day, 535
Vern Church, 463
John McPherson, 131
Jim Edwards, 130
Gordy Stewart, 120
Dave Craver, 100
Mac McTaggart, 97
Hal Lonsdale, 93
John Helgeson, 89
Ray Curtis, 67

That info came from Phyllis Stewart.

Heck, here's some earlier top tens of the WARA


Gordy Youngstrom, 964
Dave Craver, 432
Joe Webby, 352
Doug James, 344
John Helgeson, 316
Ted Feenstra, 314
Jerry Day, 289
Gerry McLees, 288
Bob Gregg, 264
Jim Roberts, 259


Gordy Youngstrom, 573
Bob McLees, 431
Gerry McLees, 371
Dave Craver, 311
Jim Edwards, 216
Jerry Day, 185
Doug James, 176
Jim Roberts, 151
John Helgeson, 141
Gerry Hagerstrom, 123

Think I got at least one of those, maybe both, out of National Speed Sport News.