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 Posted: Thursday Aug 21st, 2008 06:57 AM
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Bluteam wrote: Ok - this isn't yet nostalgic, but I guarantee you one day someone will remember they were there.

Here's the scene:

Fall of 2003 - A group of people is standing in a field with a promoter to discuss building a kids race track.  A skinny 12 year old kid has his eye on the big track, and is trying to figure out how he can weasel his way into racing over there.


Skinny Kid: Hey, how old do you have to be to race on the big track? (said with his trademark smile)

Promoter: Well, you have to be 16. (said with a smile as he eyes the skinny kid with admiration for the boldness of the question)

Over Protective Mom: You have to go through puberty before you can drive on the big track. (said with a smile but in a stern voice)

Skinny Kid: What's puberty? 

Dad: You need some hair down there before you can drive a sprint car. (said in the best way he knew how in front of a group of people as he points to the area in need of maturing) 

Skinny Kid: I DON'T NEED ANY HAIR DOWN THERE TO DO THAT! (said in astonishment that it has anything to do with ability) 

Promoter: (laughs his a** off)




I was just going through some old posts...and found this. :D

I can remember to this day of everything that happened at that moment.

Good Times, Good Times :)