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 Posted: Thursday May 18th, 2006 07:03 PM
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Posted on May 18, 2006 at 00:21:50 AM by jay reese

Got your attention, huh?

The highlight of the Test-n-tune session Wednesday night, for those of you that did your thing and left, was witnessing one of southern Oregon's greatest legends of racing burn some hot laps in in the Zeitler Bros. sprint car! Indeed capturing my attention every second of the ride.

After countless feature wins as one of the west coasts most prolific Late Model drivers in the 1980's, and numerous track titles in several divisions, Medford's Dane Smith did something tonight he may have realized he should have done years ago.

The Great Dane planted himself inside Zeitler's hot ride, and burned off a few hot laps as though he was born in the damn thing! What a sight to see. Dane tested the track at a tolerable pace the first few circles, and then pretty much jumped on it, and held the saame line every lap looking as smooth as a Heart surgeon. He looked as though he belonged.

Could Kinser, and Swindell have company someday?

Funny thing is...some I talked with immediately afterward had NO idea it was Dane Smith in the bright yellow 2Z sprinter!

Better yet, he liked it, and had a HUGE smile on his face when he wheeled in to the pits after his 10-minute exhibition along with Billy Nutter on the track.

"I thought the damn front wheels were going to lift off the ground the whole time" said the former #5M Late Model celebrity. Smith added...."I thought I would just take it easy at first, then I said to myself, what the hell. And, I stepped on it"

Like a kid with a new toy, it may have rejuvinated Smith's passion for a sport that many times passes legends by. And, it was awesome to see the Zeitler bros. offer him the ride of a lifetime.

Im just sorry, it has taken nearly a lifetime to see what Medford's greatest racer could really do sitting on top of winged warrior machine. And, Im sorry for those of you that did not see this historical ride.

In the words of the musical group Little Texas..."What might have been...we have taken separate roads."
Wish Dane would have turned right years ago, rather than left, and who knows...we might have seen him challenge sprint car world's best.


RIP Fast Freddie Brownfield #92

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