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1st. Annual Big Al’s Memorial Race  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Monday Aug 24th, 2015 12:07 AM
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Many thanks go out to the following sponsors for the increase purse for the Big Al’s Race:
Vic’s 66 Gas Pumps, The Holm Family, Joe & Tiffany Constance (Joe’s Racing Products), Barry & Kim Martinez (SpeedMart), and the tireless work from Schlotfeldt and Lemley Families.
For the third time this season, Liam Ryan pulled the double winning both the 600 and 1200 main events. After a frustrating previous night of not completing either main event due to mechanical problems, Liam had sweet redemption with two wins. Haley Constance started from the pole in the Kasey Kahne Jr. race and let all twenty laps to bring home the win. Cody Hogarth won the 600R after getting around previous night’s winner Ashleigh Johnson to pick up the win.
Kasey Kahne Jr’s;
Heat 1: Haley Constance, Mitchel Helsel, Seth Anderlini, Kyle Felver, Peyton Drake, Hayden Bloodgood
Heat 2: Levi Klatt, Macie Logsdon, Chase Stuart, Blaine Granberg, Dominic Carter
Heat 3: Dakota Drake, Parker Hadlock, Haylee Bloodgood, Karlyn Kocher
A Main: Haley Constance, Dakota Drake, Mitchel Helsel, Macie Logsdon, Levi Klatt, Seth Anderlini, Blaine Granberg, Haylee Bloodgood, Peyton Drake, Dominic Carter, Karlyn Kocher, Chase Stuart, Addison Hagen, Kyle Felver, Parker Hadlock, Hayden Bloodgood.
Heat 1: Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Peyton Reed, Bailey Sucich, Darius Walker-Perkins, Payton Hagen, Tatum Pospical, Allison Johnson.
Heat 2: Jesse Schlotfeldt, Ashleigh Johnson, Ashley Thompson, Riley Watkins, AJ Harbaugh, Ryley Mayer, Robert Arntzen.
Heat 3: Cody Hogarth, Jaden Thomas, Kaden Holm, Tyson Lemley, Lizzy Johnson, Colin Mackey.
A main: Cody Hogarth, Ashleigh Johnson, Bailey Sucich, Ashley Thompson, Riley Watkins,
AJ Harbaugh, Peyton Reed, Darius Walker-Perkins, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Sawyer Sorgenfrei, Kaden Holm, Ryley Mayer, Lizzy Johnson, Peyton Hagen, Tatum Pospical, Allison Johnson, Robert Arntzen, Tyson Lemley, Jaden Thomas, Colin Mackey.
heat 1: Tyson Cross, Jared Gunderson, Liam Ryan, Chance Crum, Dick Williams, Reg Valiant, Nick Dunham.
Heat 2: Steven Hendrickson, Seth Hespe, Clennon Holloway, Nate Vaughn, Jacob Buckenmeyer, Dwayne Mackey, Chad Reid.
A Main: Liam Ryan, Jared Gunderson, Tyson Cross, Clennon Holloway, Steven Hendrickson, Chance Crum, Nate Vaughn, Jacob Buckenmeyer, Reg Valiant, Chad Reid, Dick Williams, Seth Hespe, Dwayne Mackey, Nick Dunham.
SpeedMart/Hoosier 600’s;
Heat 1:Chance Crum, Kevin Wilkenson, Jon Farrel, Spencer Constance, Dylan Resch, Josh Monroe, Jeff Little.
Heat 2: Sorry, missed the results
Heat 3: Spud Allen, Derek Torkelson, Shaun Holtorf, Tanner Holm, Kyle Mitchell, Isaac Abenroth.
A Main: Liam Ryan, Spud Allen, Jared Peterson, Austin Sheridan, Chance Crum, Shaun Holtorf, Derek Torkelson, Tanner Holm, Jon Farrel, Dallas Melby, Kaitlyn Hammer, Dylan Resch, Kyle Mitchell, Jeff Little, Jake Mann, Isaac Abenroth, Devin Barnes, Josh Monroe, Kevin Wilkenson, Spenser Constance.

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 Posted: Monday Aug 24th, 2015 06:26 PM
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What an amazing tribute to Big Al. Thank you to all of the sponsors, Deming Speedway track and staff. We feel very blessed to have been able to witness it in person.

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