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 Posted: Sunday Sep 10th, 2006 07:10 PM
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Lemley leads the last forty-feet for the win, Sinner notches number 14 for the year
By: Randy Pratt
September 8, 2003
Deming, WA- Western Fluid Components sponsored a beautiful night for racing!
In the Frontier Chevrolet / Speedmart 600 division, Jared Peterson Picked-up another main event win to help his point total. Peterson had a twenty-four-point championship lead going into Friday nights racing. Peterson and Hogarth started on the front row with Hogarth on the pole and Jared outside. Hogarth could get close enough to show a tire, but not the pass. Kyle Johnson finished third, and Brittin Lorentzen fourth. The best gain of the night came from Mark Atkinson. Mark started thirteenth and when the race was over, had moved up to sixth.


Lifestyle RV 1200 racer Cody Anderlini knew he was in a dogfight when the night was over. Cody was going for his first ever win while being chase by Brock Lemley, Aaron Fell, Eric Drake, and Robin Cully. If you count the main event wins between them, the intimidation factor alone would make you sweat! Cody drove the wheels off his number 19c sprinter all night. Timing in second to Aaron Fell, qualifying through his heat, and starting outside the front row with Aaron Fell. Cody looked as though he was shot from a cannon on the start, and was able to hold the lead until lap twenty-three when he slid up in corner two and Lemley drove under to take the lead. Fortunately a spinning car brought out the yellow flag, back to the previous lap we go. Protecting the inside is a tough task to ask when your adrenaline is slamming through your body. Green-white-checker finish. Cody leads lap twenty-four, Lemley drives hard in three, Anderlini slide up in turn four, Lemley powers under Cody off turn four, Lemley crosses the line for the win by 0.137 of a second.


Editorial note: Cody Anderlini the youngster from Langley B.C., drove the wheels off his sprint car Friday night. If you look at who was behind him.....just count fast times, wins and laps lead by these other competitors. Cody, you have every right to be disappointed that he did not get his first main event win. But don’t beat yourself up over it. I have watched you the last few years with interest. Cody has gone from a crash bonsai driver to a more methodical let’s take what the track gives attitude, and don’t wreck the car. Don’t worry Cody, that first win will come. And when it does, think about what the other guys went thru. They all went through the same thing as you wanting that first victory. They earned it just like you will! Hang in there Cody, the checkered flag is just off of turn four, and it is still waiting for you! RP


Jake Benson wins again! How many times has that name been mention in the win column this year? Well, he won again, this time fending off Spud Allen, Shawn Holtorf, Brandon Turner, and Kenzi Thomas. A race that was marred by yellows only saw nine of the fourteen cars finish the race. Turner was second, Holtorf third, and Allen Fourth.

The Triple X Race Co. 600 restricted class car count was seven Friday night at Deming Speedway. Garrett Archer won another main event with Ryan Cully second, and Steve Strell third.

Chad Sinner won his fourteenth main event of the year Friday night. That is an unprecedented number of wins, and surely will not be broken for years to come. Chad started the main outside row one and slid back to fourth on the start. Slowly working his way to the front, Chad passed Brian Liljebeck, and Justin Yougquist. Justin Yougquist finished second, Brian Liljebeck third, Nate Vaughn fourth, and Cody Ridge fifth.

All five classes will be in action next week at Deming Speedway. Two points race still remain on Sept. fifteenth and the twenty-second, championship night is Sept. twenty-third, check our website at http://www.demingspeedway.com.











Results from Deming Speedway September 8, 2006

Lifestyles RV 1200's
Fast Time-Aaron Fell 10.597
Heat 1-Eric Drake, Brock Lemley, Robin Cully, Aaron Fell, Jason Bloodgood, Owen Bell (top six to main)
Heat 2-Clennon Holloway, Lee Hornbeck, Kyle Kenoyer, Roland Kope, Bill Rude, Cody Anderlini (top six to main)

“B” Main: Derek Holmwood, Wade Sprecklemeyer, Ben Hallmark (top two to main)
”A” Main: Brock Lemley, Cody Anderlini, Aaron Fell, Eric Drake, Robin Cully, Clennon Holloway, Lee Hornbeck, Jason Bloodgood, Kyle Kenoyer, Derek Holmwood, Bill Rude, Wade Sprecklemeyer, Roland Kope, Owen Bell

Frontier Chevrolet / Speedmart 600's
Fast Time-Ben Hogarth 10.540

Heat 1-Brittin Lorentzen, Kyle Johnson, Ben Hogarth, Steven Hendrickson
Heat 2-Brad Davison, Jared Peterson, Devon Madonia, Austin Wheatley

Heat 3-Kyle Statema, Danielle Huson, Forest Metcalf, Logan Forler
”B” Main: JJ Dishneau, Mark Atkinson, Garrett Gardner (top two to main)
”A” Main: Jared Peterson, Ben Hogarth, Kyle Johnson, Brittin Lorentzen, Brad Davison, Mark Atkinson, Steven Hendrickson, Kyle Statema, Logan Forler, Forest Metcalf, Austin Wheatley, Danielle Huson, Devon Madonia, JJ Dishneau 

Fast Time-Spud Allen 10.822
Heat 1-Shawn Holtorf, Spud Allen, Brandon Turner, Shelby Minor-Ball, Blake Cook, Leslie Davies

Heat 2-Jake Benson, Kenzi Thomas, Sean Crane, Jeff Little, Jesse Branham, Scott Crane
”B” Main: Jake Little, Gary Liljebeck, Zack Ryason (top two to main)
”A” Main: Jake Benson, Brandon Turner, Shawn Holtorf, Spud Allen, Makenzi Thomas, Sean Crane, Gary Liljebeck, Leslie Davies, Scott Crane, Jake Little, Blake Cook, Shelby Minor-Ball. Jeff Little, Jesse Branham

Triple X RaceCo 600 Restricted
Fast Time-Garrett Archer 11.188
Heat 1-Garrett Archer, Trey Starks, Jerred Saddler, Ryan Cully, Austyn Anderson, Jacob Buckenmeyer, Steve Strell

”A” Main: Garrett Archer, Ryan Cully, Steve Strell, Jerred Saddler, Austyn Anderson, Jacob Buckenmeyer,

Trey Starks DQ’d

Bellingham Chrysler Center / Kasey Kahne Junior Sprints
Heat 1-Nate Vaughn, Brian Liljebeck, Chad Sinner, Justin Yougquist, Tyler Anderson, Spencer Peterson, Haley Fauver, Jesse Morris
Heat 2-Jacob Brown, Michael Liljebeck, Brandon Benson, Austin Sheridan, Cody Ridge, Alyssa Anderson, Brandon Potts

“A” Main-Chad Sinner, Justin Youngquist, Brian Liljebeck, Nate Vaughn, Cody Ridge, Austin Sheridan, Tyler Anderson, Spencer Peterson, Jacob Brown, Brandon Benson, Alyssa Anderson, Jesse Morris, Brandon Potts, Michael Liljebeck, Haley Fauver


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