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Ironman Wingless Sprint Challenge - Coos Bay (Sept. 2nd)  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thursday Feb 2nd, 2017 12:28 AM
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Rob Lindsey

Joined: Tuesday Oct 12th, 2010
Location: Oregon USA
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We are excited to announce the partnership with Drake Nelson and Coos Bay Speedway in the 1st Annual Ironman Wingless Sprint Challenge. "This is going to be a great event. All of us are really excited to be a part of something we feel will grow each year and should develop into a marque event on the West Coast", replied Rob Lindsey. This year the event is slated for September 2nd, which should provide us with the best opportunity to attract a large car count. With the unique format and increased purse, we feel we have something special.

Race-Day Format:

- Hot Laps
- Qualifying (2 timed laps)
- Heat Races (8 laps)
- Dash (6 cars for 6 laps)
- B-Main (If 21+ cars/4 cars transfer to A-Main - 12 laps)
- A-Main (Top 16 locked/20 cars total/40 laps)

Each car will get (2) timed laps with the fastest lap counting. Order of qualifying will be based on your pill drawn at registration (back gate). If you miss your qualifying spot, you will go to the end of qualifying and only be given 1 timed lap.

Top 4 in heats inverted based on qualification time, the rest of the field lined up according to qualification time. Cars will be split evenly into 2-4 heats with no more than 8 cars in a heat race. If two heats, then the even qualifying cars will be in the first heat with the odd qualifying cars in the second heat. If three heats are run, then 1st, 2nd and 3rd qualifying cars will be in separate heats with the remainder being split the same way.

Top 6 cars in points (through the heat races) will run the dash fully inverted. All ties in determining starting position will be broken by qualification time. Finishing order of dash will determine straight up line-up for the top 6 cars in the A-Main. Dash cars will participate in a redraw on the front stretch before the main event. Winner of dash picks first, 2nd place picks second and so on.

If there are 21+ cars, we will run a B-Main event unless track promoter decides to run all cars in A-Main. The top 16 cars, based on total points earned through heats, will be locked into the A-Main with the remainder of the field running the B-Main starting straight up. Again, if a tie develops for starting position in the B-Main, ties will be broken by qualification time.

Top 16 cars locked into A-Main by points, with the exception of the dash cars, which will be lined up according to the redraw. Top 4 finishers in the B-Main will fill the field behind the locked in cars and lined up according to B-Main finish.


1st - $1500
2nd - 900
3rd - 500
4th - 350
5th - 300
6th - 275
7th - 250
8th - 225
9th+ - 200

* Still working on finding additional sponsorship. Purse very well could increase from that above.

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