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Gary Lynch Wins WSS Opener at Madras  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Friday May 12th, 2017 12:44 AM
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Rob Lindsey

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Lynch Wins WSS Opener At Madras
By Ben Deatherage
(Photo Courtesy of Dennis Johnston)
Madras, Oregon- The Wingless Sprint Series would open up the 2017 at Madras Speedway in gorgeous central Oregon. Not only would it be the first race for the overall series but it would also be the first event of the Lynch Pro-Formance Products Wingless Sprint Mini-Series. A total of nineteen cars would make the journey representing the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington.

Gary Lynch would handle the field when it came to main event. The Sisters, Oregon veteran would have to earn the win. Lynch would be passed a couple of times only to receive the lead back due to a caution taking place before an entire lap could get completed. He would hold back all challengers to hold down first place the entire feature and record his second career WSS win.

Defending series champion Rob Lindsey, out of Sherwood, Oregon, would end the night second followed by Salem, Oregon’s Tim Alberding in third. The balance of the top five would consist of Ridgefield, Washington pilot Pat Canfield, in fourth, and Theo McCarty, from Hillsboro, Oregon, in fifth.

No qualifying took place however the series would utilize a double heat race format. Winners of the heats were Pat Canfield, McMinnville, Oregon’s Lance Hallmark, Forest Grove, Oregon driver Jake Gilman, and Gary Lynch. Tim Alberding was victorious in the evening’s trophy dash.

The Wingless Sprint Series will be taking this weekend off before the second race of the campaign takes place. The next round of action is on May 20th at Cottage Grove Speedway. It will be the first of three trips to the historic ¼-mile clay oval in 2017.

Be sure and visit wingless.nwextremeseries.com for the latest stories, news, points, and more regarding the Wingless Sprint Series. Also, check out the series on Facebook by visiting “Wingless Sprint Series” or “Northwest Wingless Tour” and clicking “Like”.

Race Results:
Wingless Sprint Series Race #1
Lynch Pro-Formance Prdoucts Wingless Sprint Mini Series Race #1
Saturday, May 6th, 2017
Madras Speedway
Madras, Oregon

A Feature: 1. 7R-Gary Lynch; 2. 23-Rob Lindsey; 3. 52-Tim Alberding; 4. 25-Pat Canfield; 5. 24-Theo McCarty; 6. 57-Lindsay Barney; 7. 8H-Lance Hallmark; 8. 27W-Guy Weedman; 9. 11X-Chris Batalgia; 10. 50-Brad Rhodes; 11. 7B-Skeeter Flake; 12. 64-Ryan Arnold; 13. 29T-Tommy Moreno; 14. 54-Johnny Butler; 15. 3G-Garrett Johnson; 16. 76-Jason Johnson; 17. 15R-Jake Gilman; 18. 89-Sterling Kane; 19. 6A-Kyle Miller

Dash: 1. 52-Tim Alberding; 2. 23-Rob Lindsey; 3. 15R-Jake Gilman; 4. 89-Sterling Kane

Heat 1: 1. 25-Pat Canfield; 2. 57-Lindsay Barney; 3. 15R-Jake Gilman; 4. 52-Tim Alberding; 5. 24-Theo McCarty; 6. 50-Brad Rhodes; 7. 76-Jason Johnson; 8. 3G-Garrett Johnson; 9. 64-Ryan Arnold; (DNS) 54-Johnny Butler

Heat 2: 1. 8H-Lance Hallmark; 2. 23-Rob Lindsey; 3. 89-Sterling Kane; 4. 7R-Gary Lynch; 5. 27W-Guy Weedman; 6. 7B-Skeeter Flake; 7. 11X-Chris Batalgia; 8. 6A-Kyle Miller; (DNS) 29T-Tommy Moreno

Heat 3: 1. 15R-Jake Gilman; 2. 52-Tim Alberding; 3. 24-Theo McCarty; 4. 64-Ryan Arnold; 5. 57-Lindsay Barney; 6. 3G-Garrett Johnson; 7. 25-Pat Canfield; 8. 50-Brad Rhodes; 9. 76-Jason Johnson; 10. 54-Johnny Butler

Heat 4: 1. 7R-Gary Lynch; 2. 6A-Kyle Miller; 3. 23-Rob Lindsey; 4. 89-Sterling Kane; 5. 11X-Chris Batalgia; 6. 29T-Tommy Moreno; 7. 27W-Guy Weedman; 8. 7B-Skeeter Flake; (DNS) 8H-Lance Hallmark

2017 Wingless Sprint Series Schedule
May 6th-Madras Speedway-Madras, OR* (Gary Lynch)
May 20th-Cottage Grove Speedway-Cottage Grove, OR
May 27th-Grays Harbor Raceway-Elma, WA
June 10th-Grays Harbor Raceway-Elma, WA
June 17th-Cottage Grove Speedway-Cottage Grove, OR
June 24th-Willamette Speedway-Lebanon, OR
July 8th-Cottage Grove Speedway-Cottage Grove, OR-Wingless Nationals
July 15th-Madras Speedway-Madras, OR*
July 22nd-Sunset Speedway Park-Banks, OR
August 12th-Willamette Speedway-Lebanon, OR
August 19th-Madras Speedway-Madras, OR*
September 2nd-Coos Bay Speedway-Coos Bay, OR-Ironman Wingless Challenge
September 9th-Sunset Speedway Park-Banks, OR
*- Denotes Lynch Pro-Formance Products Wingless Sprint Mini-Series events

2017 Wingless Sprint Series Sponsors And Marketing Partners:
Walker Racing Development (Fast Time Award)
Lynch Pro-Formance Products
Speedmart Inc. (Hardcharger Award)
Herz Precision Parts

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