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Nick Trenchard Wins Third Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Monday Jul 31st, 2017 02:39 AM
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Nick Trenchard Wins Third Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals

Night 2 of the 18th Annual Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals saw 41 Modifieds and 42 PHRA Dwarf Cars for another exciting night of racing. The dwarf cars saw a full program, while the Modifieds ran main events only lined up by points starting with a C-Main.

Northwest Modified Nationals:

Nick Trenchard of Kalamath Falls looked to continue where he left off on Friday night as he led the field to the green flag on the 40 lap feature. Blair Shoemaker of Selah moved into the second spot as Matthew Drager of Albany, Ore took over third. The first caution came out on lap 2 as Aberdeen's Austin Kerrigan exited the racetrack and Don Martin of Yakima spun in turn four. Trenchard timed his restarts just right as Drager raced side by side with Shoemaker for a lap before taking over the second position. The fourth position saw a battle between Sedro Woolley driver Kevin Smith and Corbett, Ore's Collen Winebarger. Just ahead of them Shoemaker had tough company as Jesse Williamson of Coburg, Ore looked to take the third position from Shoemaker.

Trenchard continued to stay out front giving himself a comfortable lead on the long green flag run until lap 16 when contact between Clark Tenney of Scappoose, Ore and Hoquiam's Zack Simpson causing Simpson to spin in turn two brought out the caution. The restart allowed Drager and Williamson a shot at Trenchard for the lead. Trenchard ran the low side of the raceway had the momentum to pull away from Drager. A late race caution for a multi car pile up in turn four on lap 35 allowed Williamson and Drager to make their move. Trenchard stayed to the bottom of the raceway and went on to win his third Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals, and his second in a row. Winebarger, Drager, Tom Sweatman of Cosmopolis and Campbell Rive, BC driver Lane Zerbin rounded out the top five. C-Main winner earlier in the evening was Rick Smith of Mt. Vernon and Tom Sweatman was the B-Main winner.

PHRA Dwarf Cars:

Chris McCleary of St. Helens, Ore led the field to the green, but it was Doug McVae of Scappoose, Ore taking over the lead. The caution flag displayed quickly as McCleary spun on the backstretch, setting up a complete restart. Happy Valley, Ore driver Leo Ward took over the top spot on the restart as McVae once again took over the lead. Ward had tough company as Jake VanOrtwick of Scappoose, Ore took over the second spot, looking to chase down McVae for the lead. VanOrtwick ran the low side as the leader, McVae continued to search for a faster line around the 3/8 banked clay oval. VanOrtwick had tough company as Ward looked to take over the second spot bringing Portland, Ore's Ryan Martinez. McVae had a pack of cars behind him seeing VanOrtwick and Ward make a three wide pass for the lead out of turn four on lap 6. Ward took over the top spot from VanOrtwick but had no room for a mistake. Ward saw a hard charging Martinez and Gaston, Ore driver Corey Estaban quickly at his back bumper. Martinez took over the lead late with Estaban moving into second.

Shane Youngren of Tigard, Ore went for a violent flip in turn three, bouncing off the wall on lap 18 bringing out the red flag. Youngren did exit his car and walked away from the crash uninjured. Martinez led the field to the green on the restart as Estaban was right there ready to capitalize. VanOrtwick continued to run third. Estaban made it to the back bumper of Martinez as both drivers ran the bottom of the raceway. Estaban looked to the high groove coming to the white flag and couldn't make the pass, Estaban looked to the inside line out of turn two and took the lead. Estaban would pick up the win over Martinez at the line, Johnathon Henry of Stockton, California, VanOrtwick and Ward rounded out the top five. Heat race winners earlier in the evening were Martinez, Camron Diatte of Monterey, CA, Dennis Liebig, VanOrtwick, Andrew Lemmons of Longview, and McVae. B-Main winners were Mikie Clark and James Brinster.

Racing will resume next Saturday night at Grays Harbor Raceway as the Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, Outlaw Tuners, and Northwest Focus Midgets Series will take to the 3/8 banked clay oval. Gates will open at 5:30PM with racing at 7PM!

Grays Harbor Raceway
18th Annual Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals
Night 2

PHRA Dwarf Cars:
Heat 1:
1. 9 Ryan Martinez, 2. 8 Chris McCleary, 3. 94K Jeremiah Hester, 4. 90Z Henry Corbin II, 5. 4Z Mike Clark, 6. 88K Josh Rodgers, 7. 4W Brian Taylor

Heat 2:
1. 63 Camron Diatte, 2. 00 Henry Corbin III, 3. 66s Dylan Chrisman, 4. 95 Mike Hester, 5. 7K George Fisher

Heat 3:
1. 777 Dennis Liebig, 2. 29o Jake Tupper, 3. 99 Jim Pavel, 4. 17K Chuck Jones, 5. 18K Noel Jackson, 6. 2 Brandon Ross, 7. 15 Mike Burnham

Heat 4:
1. 12o Jake VanOrtwick, 2. 36 Cory Estaban, 3. 63X Johnathon Henry, 4. 2o James Brinster, 5. 11 Rich Holbert, 6. 54C Clayton Parsons, 7. 48X Drew Andexler

Heat 5:
1. 33K Andrew Lemmons, 2. 48C Brian Lee, 3. 88K Ken Provolt, 4. 15K Keith Steenslid, 5. 8W Dale Knutson, 6. 5W Steve Taylor

Heat 6:
1. 86X Doug McVae, 2. 75 Leo Ward, 3. 18o Shane Youngren, 4. 37W Troy Kunas, 5. 3K Jim Fischer, 6. 19C Gordon Kraus

B-Main 1:
1. Clark, 2. Parsons, 3. Corbin II, 4. Jones, 5. Ross, 6. Brian Taylor, 7. Knutson, 8. Wright, 9. Steve Taylor, 10. Steenslid, 11. Rodgers

B-Main 2:
1. Brinster, 2. Jim Fischer, 3. Kunas, 4. Holbert, 5. Mike Hester, 6. Burnham, 7. Jackson, 8. Andexler, 9. Kraus, 10. George Fisher

1. Estaban, 2. Martinez, 3. Henry, 4. VanOrtwick, 5. Ward, 6. Liebig, 7. Brinster, 8. McVae, 9. Jones, 10. Corbin III, 11. Clark, 12. Holbert, 13. Provolt, 14. Corbin II, 15. Kunas, 16. Jim Fisher, 17. Pavel, 18. Youngren, 19. Lemmons, 20. Dylan Chrisman, 21. Tupper, 22. McCleary, 23. Jeremiah Hester, 24. Lee, 25. Diatte, 26. Parsons

Northwest Modified Nationals:

1. 8W Rick Smith, 2. 45s Aaron Sheelar, 3. 12 BJ Wild, 4. 58 James Wolfard, 5. 44 Kristi Sommers, 6. 22M Mel Decker, 7. 86 Dave Howard, 8. 3 Cory Sweatman, 9. 0 Don West, 10. 9H Mark Hill, 11. 41 Tim Phillips

1. 11 Tom Sweatman, 2. 6P Travis Peery, 3. 21R Riley Simmons, 4. 15J Jeremy Richey, 5. 12s Zack Simpson, 6. 8W Rick Smith, 7. 45 Tiana Berkeley, 8. 31 Don Martin, 9. 88 John Gamell, 10. 2G Jeremy Ohlde, 11. 58 James Wolfard, 12. 43K Shane Kerrigan, 13. 4R Bill Rowe, 14. 47 Steve Signal, 15. 97 Tyson Blood, 16. 26 Scott Miller, 17. 45s Aaron Sheelar, 18. 12 BJ Wild

1. 54N Nick Trenchard, 2. S Collen Winebarger, 3. 21A Matthew Drager, 4. 11 Tom Sweatman, 5. 81 Lane Zerbin, 6. W5 Jesse Williamon, 7. 14K Kyler Moore, 8. 27EH Lawrence O'Connor, 9. 11s Blair Shoemaker, 10. 12s Zack Simpson, 11. W7 Kevin Williamson, 12. 21R Riley Simmons, 13. 10E Clark Tenney, 14. 75C Graham Cook, 15. 28 Brian Harding, 16. 15J Jeremy Richey, 17. 99 Jeremy Martin, 18. 7K Kevin Smith, 19. 8W Rick Smith, 20. 45 Tiana Berkeley, 21. 97 Tyson Blood, 22. 51 Craig Moore, 23. 31 Don Martin, 24. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 25. 6P Travis Peery

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