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Cheese Works Drivers of the Year Kansas City Area
Postby oldracer#4 ยป Fri Dec 01, 2017 11:49 am

The season is over and all the points have been totaled up we can see a clear picture of who did what and how many times and where.
The Cheese Works makes an effort to try and pick the drivers who have shown that they were the best in their class in 2017, wins, 2nd's, and how many tracks they traveled to to race all go into who get's picked as driver of the year.
These are drivers that either race at a local track or live in the Kansas City area, we know we will miss some one so bear with us as we try to sort thru all the numbers and come up with the racers of the year for 2017. Enjoy.

Racers of the Year - https://youtu.be/ahJqKF7DLXM

Track - Promoter - Announcers of the Year - https://youtu.be/rW0TBSAOBlE

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