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Thorson, Peckham, Hall Win At Silver Dollar Speedway  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thursday May 17th, 2018 11:23 PM
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Thorson, Peckham, Hall Win At Silver Dollar Speedway

Chico, CA...May 11...Tanner Thorson scored the victory in the 25 lap Winged 360 Sprint Car Main Event Friday night at Silver Dollar Speedway. Reigning champion and incoming point leader Andy Forsberg set the early pace ahead of Kalib Henry. Thorson made his move into the Top 5 on lap four and was fourth at the lap 10 caution flag. Forsberg continued to set the pace, but Thorson quickly made his move into the Top 3 and battled Forsberg. Thorson raced past Forsberg on a lap 13 restart and set a good pace out front. Forsberg was running second until falling back several positions on lap 21. Henry was back in second, but all he could do was chase the flying Thorson to the checkered flag. B Main winner Andy Gregg was a solid third ahead of Mason Moore, Shawn Conde, Kenny Allen, Jodie Robinson, Brad Bumgarner, Kirt Organ and Jake Wheeler.

Forsberg set the fast time of 11.950, beating the 12.039 of Thorson. There were four eight lap heat races, and Henry held off DJ Freitas to win the first one. Lucas Ashe outran Thorson to win the second heat with Conde beating Wayne Rowett to win the third heat. The final heat went to Moore ahead of Jodie Robinson. With 30 cars competing, they ran a 12 lap B Main, and Gregg won that race by over half a lap ahead of Cody Fendley, Korey Lovell, William Fielding and John Clark.

Andrew Peckham grabbed the victory in the 20 lap IMCA Sport Modified Main Event. The race was filled with caution flags during the first 12 laps as Ken Micheli set the pace ahead of Justin Foux. Peckham took second from Foux on lap nine, and Brian Cooper made this a three-car battle up front. Cooper took second from Peckham on lap 11, but he surrendered the position back to him on lap 13. Peckham was pressuring Micheli hard for the lead until making his winning move on lap 16. Once in front, Peckham sped home to the win, followed by Micheli, Cooper, Tyler Rodgers, Damien Merritt, Phil Marino, Mike Ficklin, Mike Merritt, Foux and Shawn Hulsey. There were two heat races with Rodgers winning the first one ahead of Faux and Peckham outrunning Phil Marino to win the second eight lapper.

Corey Hall won the 20 lap Street Stock Main Event. Reigning champion Phil Marino was going for his third feature win of the season and set the early pace ahead of Clinton Earl. Hall gained second on lap five, and a yellow flag slowed the pace on lap six. Marino continued to lead the persistent Hall on the restart, but Hall made his winning pass on lap nine. Hall began to pull away from Marino, but a yellow flag flew on lap 15. Despite the slow down, Hall remained in command on the restart and brought it home to a well-earned victory. Marino held on to second until Brent Lawrence made a move around him on lap 19 to claim the spot. Marino settled for third ahead of Earl, Gary Newman, Ken Micheli, Richard Workman, Fritz Zanker, Scott Rogers and Danny Dozier. Lawrence won his eight lap heat race ahead of Earl, while Hall outran Marino to win the other heat.

Jeremy Langenderfer scored the victory in the 20 lap Hobby Stock Main Event. Nick Vidovich led the opening lap before Langenferfer raced past for the lead. However, it remained close between these two with Vidovich regaining the lead on lap five. A lap nine caution flag provided Langenderfer with the opportunity to take the lead on the restart. Vidovich roared back in front on lap 11, but he lost the lead a lap later. Unfortunately for Vidovich, he limped to the pits at that point as Langenderfer built up a straightaway advantage to the checkered flag. Chris McGinnis finished second, followed by Mel Beyers, Jim Brookshire, Earl Adams, Colin Ferguson, Vidovich, Shannon Collins and Jim West. Vidovich battled Langenderfer to win the eight lap heat race.

Reigning champion Tony Richards won the 15 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event. Ron LaPlant set the early pace, but Richards began pressuring him by lap five. A lap eight pass gained Richards the lead, and he held it all the way to the checkered flag. LaPlant settled for second. Brent Youngman made a last-lap pass on Troy DeGaton to finish third as Kevin Box and Justin Funkhouser rounded out the finishing order. DeGaton won the eight lap heat race ahead of Richards.

Silver Dollar Speedway is dark next week, but there is activity on the oval during the County Fair. On May 25th, there is an Arena/Supercross event. The next night, the track has its annual 200 lap Enduro and Sunday will be the Civil War Sprint Car Series. The next regular series event will be on June 8th, featuring Winged 360 Sprints, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks and IMCA Sport Modifieds. For further information, go to http://www.silverdollarspeedway.com.

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