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Winebarger Wins Race of Champions, Martinez Gets Redemption!  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Saturday Jul 28th, 2018 07:46 PM
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Winebarger Wins Race of Champions, Martinez Sees Redemption!

The 19th Annual Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals kicked off Friday night at Grays Harbor Raceway as over 40 dirt modifieds took to the 3/8 banked clay oval. Also on hand were the PHRA Dwarf Cars for the Dwarf Car Challenge.

Northwest Modified Nationals - Race of Champions:

After two sets of heat races set the field for Saturday's events, the Race of Champions took to the raceway. Campbell River, BC driver Graham Cook took the early lead but didn't take long for Lane Zerbin of Campbell River, BC to get by for the top spot. The battle for third between Corbett, Ore's Collen Winebarger and Lawrence O'Connor of Port Hardy, BC was the race to watch as Winebarger worked his way to the front. Winebarger worked his way by Cook and set his sights on Zerbin for the lead. Winebarger worked the lowside taking control but Zerbin put up a hard fought battle on the outside racing side by side for multiple laps. A late race spin by Nick Trenchard of Kalamath Falls, Ore gave Zerbin a shot at Winebarger for the lead. Zerbin went to the inside of turn one a little too hard and brought out the caution as he spun to a stop. Winebarger had no lap traffic in front of him on the restart and went on to pick up the Race of Champions feature. Cook, John Campos of Salem, Trenchard and Burlington's Kevin Smith rounded out the top five. There were two sets of Heat Races, and the winners were Albany, Ore's Matthew Drager, Zerbin, Smith, Spanaway's Tim Phillips, Campos, Hoquiam driver Zack Simpson, Trenchard, Tom Sweatman of Cosmpolis, Aberdeen's Austin Kerrigan, and Winebarger.

PHRA Dwarf Car Challenge:

The PHRA Dwarf Cars made their second appearance of 2018 at Grays Harbor Raceway. Jeremiah Hester of Hillsboro, Ore took to the early lead. Just as the green flag flew, the yellow flag made an appearance after a multi car incident in turn four. Hester looked fast on the low side of the raceway bringing the field to the green flag on the restart. Josh King of Medford, Ore stayed right on his back bumper waiting for any mistake. Albany, Ore driver John Chrisman sat in the third spot. Multiple cautions plagued the first little bit of the feature giving King and Chrisman a shot at the lead. Portland's Ryan Martinez moved into the top three getting by Chrisman and King. Hester saw many charges from Martinez throughout the feature but couldn't take over the lead. King saw issues under caution and went to the pit area giving up third to Chrisman. A long green flag run saw a three car battle between Hester, Chrisman and Martinez until a late race caution set up a five lap shootout for the lead. Lap 23 Martinez made his move, taking over the lead from Hester and picking up the feature event. Hester, Chrisman, Brandon Ross of Kelso and Mollala, Ore's Henry Corbin III rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were King, Hester, Chrisman, and Eagle Point, Ore driver Brock Peters with Jess Turner Sr of Kelso winning the B-Main.

Racing action returns tonight for the 19th Annual Shipwreck Beads Northwest Modified Nationals and PHRA Dwarf Cars finale. Gates open at 5:30PM with racing at 7PM.

Grays Harbor Raceway
July 27, 2018
19th Annual Northwest Modified Nationals
Dwarf Car Challenge

PHRA Dwarf Cars:

Heat 1:
1. 09 Josh King, 2. 17 Chuck Jones, 3. 89Z Henry Corbin III, 4. 74K Leo Ward, 5. 00 Jim Pavel, 6. 60 Steve Schreiner, 7. 95 Bailey Bell, 8. 4W Brian Taylor, 9. 5W Steve Taylor

Heat 2:
1. 96 Jeremiah Hester, 2. 5o Danny Altom, 3. 30s Cody Peters, 4. 87 Mike Michelson, 5. 4K Jess Turner Sr, 6. 777 Mike Johnson, 7. 31 Mike Schoonover

Heat 3:
1. 88s John Chrisman, 2. 18 Shane Youngren, 3. 5K Brandon Ross, 4. 48 Jason Doane, 5. 3K Jim Fischer, 6. 18W Ren Marose, 7. 45W Tony Evans, 8. 90Z Henry Corbin II

Heat 4:
1. 2s Brock Peters, 2. 9J Ryan Martinez, 3. 88K Josh Rodgers, 4. 37W Troy Kunas, 5. 24K Justin DeMars, 6. 27 Brandon Brocksmith, 7. 48C Brian Lee

1. Turner Sr, 2. DeMars, 3. Lee, 4. Evans, 5. Pavel, 6. Schreiner, 7. Brian Taylor, 8. Bell, 9. Johnson, 10. Fischer, 11. Corbin II, 12. Wegener, 13. Marose, 14. Schoonover, 15. Swanson

1. Martinez, 2. Hester, 3. Chrisman, 4. Ross, 5. Corbin III, 6. Altom, 7. Kunas, 8. Brock Peters, 9. Jones, 10. Michelson, 11. Evans, 12. Cody Peters, 13. Youngren, 14. Brian Taylor, 15. King, 16. Rodgers, 17. Schreiner, 18. Lee, 19. Ward, 20. DeMars, 21. Pavel, 22. Turner Sr. 23. Doane, 24. Johnson.

Northwest Modified Nationals:

Heat 1A:
1. 21A Matthew Drager, 2. 89C Albert Gill, 3. 90 Steven Kaptur, 4. 44B Nick Bessette, 5. 97 Tyson Blood, 6. 2G James Welshonse, 7. 48 David Soulek, 8. 12s Zack Simpson, 9. 14K Kyler Moore

Heat 2A:
1. 81 Lane Zerbin, 2. 54N Nick Trenchard, 3. 75 Graham Cook, 4. 15J Jeremy Richey, 5. 1W Devan West, 6. 28 Brian Harding, 7. 58 David Wolfard, 8. 9H Mark Hill

Heat 3A:
1. 7K Kevin Smith, 2. 18X Sam Carlisle, 3. 51 Craig Moore, 4. 26 Scott Miller, 5. 11s Tom Sweatman, 6. 87 Tyler Walker, 7. 87K Brenton Schnitzer, 8. 98 Dan Kinnaman, 9. 714 Zach Fuller

Heat 4A:
1. 41 Tim Phillips, 2. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 3. 12 BJ Wild, 4. 95N Brandon Nutter, 5. 86 Dave Howard, 6. 10XX Dan Butenschoen, 7. 25M Brent Morris, 8. 31 Don Martin

Heat 5A:
1. 36 John Campos, 2. S Collen Winebarger, 3. 27 Lawrance O'Connor, 4. 17 Brian Izzi, 5. 43K Shane Kerrigan, 6. 45s Aaron Sheelar, 7. 34s Jason St. Paul, 8. 4R Bill Rowe

Heat 1B:
1. Simpson, 2. Kyler Moore, 3. Drager, 4. Blood, 5. Kaptur, 6. Welshonse, 7. Gill, 8. Bessette, 9. Soulek

Heat 2B:
1. Trenchard, 2. Richey, 3. Cook, 4. West, 5. Zerbin, 6. Harding, 7. Wolfard, 8. Hill

Heat 3B:
1. Sweatman, 2. Miller, 3. Craig Moore, 4. Schnitzer, 5. Walker, 6. Fuller, 7. Kinnaman, 8. Carlisle, 9. Smith

Heat 4B:
1. Austin Kerrigan, 2. Wild, 3. Morris, 4. Martin, 5. Butenschoen, 6. Phillips, 7. Nutter, 8. Howard

Heat 5B:
1. Winebarger, 2. O'Connor, 3. Shane Kerrigan, 4. Campos, 5. Sheelar, 6. Rowe, 7. Izzi, 8. St. Paul

Race of Champions:
1. Winebarger, 2. Cook, 3. Campos, 4. Trenchard, 5. Smith, 6. O'Connor, 7. Sweatman, 8. Miller, 9. Simpson, 10. Morris, 11. Craig Moore, 12. Zerbin, 13. Kyler Moore, 14. Gill, 15. Scheelar, 16. Kaptur, 17. Richey, 18. Drager

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