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Helsel, Henry, and Rayton Feature Winners In Front Of Huge Crowd!  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Monday Aug 20th, 2018 10:46 PM
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Helsel, Henry, and Rayton Feature Winners In Front Of Huge Crowd!

The ISCS Limited Sprint Cars, PHRA Dwarf Cars, and Rolling Thunder Big Rigs took to Grays Harbor Raceway Saturday night. the ISCS Sprint Cars, and PHRA Dwarf Cars ran their Week of Speed finale with a champion being crowned, also the PHRA Dwarf Cars had their Pocket Change Challenge with $2,105 going to the feature winner.

ISCS Limited Sprint Cars

Mt. Vernon's Bill Rude took the early lead in the feature as Brett McGhie of Everett worked his way into second. Monroe driver Jake Helsel raced hard with McGhie for second, looking to move up one more spot from Friday night's finish. Rude looked strong out front as Helsel looked to stay right there with him after Helsel worked his way by McGhie. Contact between Rude and Helsel saw the yellow come out for Rude, as he spun to a stop on lap 8. Helsel took over the lead on the restart as Harrisburg, Ore's Tyler Thompson moved into second. Bailey Sucich of Granite Falls ran third. Helsel looked strong running the low side of the 3/8 banked clay oval, keeping a good distance between himself and Thompson. As lap traffic became a factor late, Thompson found himself within striking distance of Helsel but couldn't make it to the lead. Lap 23 saw a violent flip from third place running Sucich in turn four after contact with a uke tire bringing out the red flag. Sucich did walk away uninjured. On the restart Thompson had one more shot at Helsel. With the momentum being on the bottom of the raceway, Helsel picked up the win over Thompson, Tanner Holmes of Jacksonville, Ore, Sedro Woolley's Steve Parker, and McGhie. Heat race winners were Springfield, Ore's Allison Journey, AJ Harbaugh of McKenzie Bridge, Ore, Michael Bollinger of Burlington, and McGhie. Devin Barnes of Edmonds won the B-Main with Rude picking up fast time. Tyler Thompson picked up the ISCS Week of Speed Championship.

PHRA Dwarf Cars

With over $2100 on the line, 24 cars were ready for 30 laps of action. Shane Youngren of Tigard, Ore jumped to the early lead with Portland, Ore's Ryan Martinez at his back bumper. Mac Marmon of Mojave Valley, AZ ran third with a great battle with Scappoose, Ore driver Jake VanOrtwick. The battle for fifth saw a 5 car battle with numerous cars mixing it up, while the top four slowly pulled away from the field. Youngren continued to lead Martinez, slowly pulling away using the low side. Lap 10 saw the red flag come out for a multiple car incident in turn one. All drivers, including one car going upside down, Fred Hay of Eagle Point, Ore, were ok. Youngren looked to time his restart just right as VanOrtwick moved his way into the second spot look for the lead down the backstretch. Youngren went to the top, lost control, and a melee of cars bunched up on the front stretch bringing out the red flag, as Danny Altom of Lebanon, Ore went upside down. All drivers did walk away uninjured.

On the restart, Martinez had the lead, with VanOrtwick and Marmon battling for position. Albany, Ore's John Chrisman went from fourth to second and set his sights on the lead from Martinez. Lap 13 saw a great battle between Martinez and Chrisman. Lap 15 saw Chrisman take the lead momentarily in turn two, but Martinez gained it right back, bringing VanOrtwick with him. Lap 17 saw the caution flag for Chrisman with mechanical issues, slowing to a stop in turn two. Jonathon Henry of Stockton, CA, worked his way from the back of the field to give Martinez a run for the lead. Lap 20 saw Henry move into the top spot going into turn two. A huge wreck down the front stretch on the same lap saw Marmon barrel roll violently down the front stretch after contact with Martinez bringing out the third red flag, and the final finish of the PHRA Dwarf Car feature. Henry picked up the win over VanOrtwick, Brandon Wiley, Gaston's Corey Estaban, and Youngren. Heat race winners were Jake Tupper of St. Helens, Ore, Kelso driver Brandon Ross, Henry, and Chrisman, with Youngren winning the scramble. B-Main winners were also Henry and Chrisman. Anthony Pope of Roseburg, Ore, who won Friday nights feature was the Dwarf Car Week of Speed Champion.

Rolling Thunder Big Rigs

Rob Johnson took the early lead in the 20 lap Rolling Thunder Big Rig feature as Kaleb Thompson looked to the outside for the lead. Jay Steiger ran the low side to get by Thompson and set his sights on Johnson for the lead. Steiger took the top spot on the back stretch as Johnson had tough company from Tammi Rodstrom. Steiger saw problems in turn two bringing out the caution flag on lap 3. Rodstrom took to the early lead as Dustin Smith and Johnson battled for second. Smith and Rodstrom raced side by side for a handful of laps before Smith took the lead out of turn four on lap 7 momentarily before sliding way high into turn one. Lap 11 saw Smith spin in turn four, collecting Rodstrom and bringing out the caution. Tom Rayton took over the lead on the restart with Dave Barr looking to chase him down. Five trucks remained over the ten that started. Rayton would pick up the win over Barr, Johnson, Leo Norris and Thompson. Heat race winners were Steiger and Josh Sanaski.

Racing resume next Saturday night with the 360 Sprint Cars, Shipwreck Beads Modifieds, Cut Rate Auto Parts Street Stocks, and Outlaw Tuners. Gates will open at 5:30PM with racing at 7PM.

Grays Harbor Raceway
August 18, 2018

PHRA Dwarf Cars:

Heat 1:
1. 29o Jake Tupper, 2. 74K Leo Ward, 3. 69K Ronnie Gilmore, 4. 5A Danny Altom, 5. 24K Justin DeMars, 6. 3K Jim Fischer, 7. 37W Troy Kunas, 8. 90Z Henry Corbin II

Heat 2:
1. 5K Brandon Ross, 2. 17 Chuck Jones, 3. 51 Bailey Bell, 4. 777 Mikey Johnson, 5. 60 Steve Schreiner, 6. 10s Fred Hay, 7. 86X Doug McVae, 8. 08 Coty Belt, 9. 4W Brian Taylor

Heat 3:
1. 63X Jonathon Henry, 2. 63 Brandon Wiley, 3. 96K Jeremiah Hester, 4. 89Z Henry Corbin III, 5. 54C Clayton Parsons, 6. 18C Rick Taylor, 7. 00 Jim Pavel, 8. 45W Tony Evans

Heat 4:
1. 88s John Chrisman, 2. 4K Mikie Clark, 3. 2o James Brinster, 4. 88K Josh Rodgers, 5. 68 Greg Long, 6. 46 Dennis Liebig, 7. 54 Dave Brune, 8. 48C Brian Lee

1. 18o Shane Youngren, 2. 9K Ryan Martinez, 3. 53V Jake VanOrtwick, 4. 17M Mac Marmon, 5. 75B Camron Diatte, 6. 09s Josh King, 7. 36 Corey Estaban, 8. 22K Anthony Pope

B-Main 1:
1. Henry, 2. Tupper, 3. Hester, 4. Jones, 5. Ross, 6. Brinster, 7. Corbin III, 8. Rodgers, 9. Lee, 10. Gilmore, 11. Parsons, 12. DeMars, 13. Kunas, 14. Fischer, 15. Pavel, 16. Brian Taylor

B-Main 2:
1. Chrisman, 2. Pope, 3. Ward, 4. Wiley, 5. Clark, 6. Schreiner, 7. Hay, 8. Altom, 9. Corbin II, 10. Evans, 11. Belt, 12. Rick Taylor, 13. Brune, 14. Johnson, 15. Long, 16. Bell

1. Henry, 2. VanOrtwick, 3. Wiley, 4. Estaban, 5. Youngren, 6. Jones, 7. Martinez, 8. Pope, 9. Diatte, 10. Hay, 11. Corbin II, 12. Marmon, 13. Chrisman, 14. Clark, 15. Tupper, 16. Hester, 17. King, 18. Ward, 19. Ross, 20. Brinster, 21. Schreiner, 22. Rodgers, 23. Corbin III, 24. Altom

ISCS Limited Sprint Cars:

Fast Time:
33 Bill Rude

Heat 1:
1. 4J Allison Journey, 2. 1W Mike Wheeler, 3. 06F John Tharp, 4. 22D Devin Barnes, 5. 18T Tanner Holmes, 6. 0 Ashleigh Johnson, 7. 17 Shane Forte, 8. 87 Kyler Barraza

Heat 2:
1. 18H AJ Harbaugh, 2. 7 Tyler Thompson, 3. 7K Kevin Kirkpatrick, 4. 33 Bill Rude, 5. 12 Steven Snawder, 6. 14 Sean Johnson, 7. 38 Eric Bowers, 8. 4 Justin Tracy

Heat 3:
1. 20 Michael Bollinger, 2. 23 Steve Parker, 3. 14B Bailey Sucich, 4. 1 Bailey Hibbard, 5. 1K Kinzer Cox, 6. 9J Bert Johnson, 7. 8X Jonathan Jorgenson, 8. 3B Ian Bandey

Heat 4:
1. 66 Brett McGhie, 2. 44 Jake Helsel, 3. 25s Camden Robustelli, 4. 06 Jayme Barnes, 5. 21W Jake Wheeler, 6. 79K Kelsey Carpenter, 7. 42 Christian Osborne, 8. 32 Daysen Thomas

1. Devin Barnes, 2. Robustelli, 3. Sean Johnson, 4. Carpenter, 5. Snawder, 6. Bert Johnson, 7. Ashleigh Johnson, 8. Forte, 9. Wheeler, 10. Barraza, 11. Jorgenson, 12. Osborne, 13. Tracy, 14. Bowers, 15. Thomas, 16. Bandey

1. Helsel, 2. Thompson, 3. Holmes, 4. Parker, 5. McGhie, 6. Jayme Barnes, 7. Bollinger, 8. Mike Wheeler, 9. Sean Johnson, 10. Cox, 11. Devin Barnes, 12. Carpenter, 13. Kirkpatrick, 14. Hibbard, 15. Robustelli, 16. Tharp, 17. Journey, 18. Rude, 19. Sucich, 20. Harbaugh

Rolling Thunder Big Rigs:

Heat 1:
1. 27 Jay Steiger, 2. 96 Caleb Thompson, 3. 12 Jerome Burdick, 4. 9 Tammy Rodstrom, 5. 17 Rob Johnson

Heat 2:
1. 88 Josh Sanaski, 2. 06 Tom Rayton, 3. 7 Dustin Smith, 4. 10 Dave Barr, 5. 76 Leo Norris

1. Rayton, 2. Barr, 3. Johnson, 4. Norris, 5. Thompson, 6. Smith, 7. Rodstrom, 8. Steiger, 9. Sanaski, 10. Burdick

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