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Threatening skies prevailed all the way up to the opening of the back gate, but we were all convinced by local racers and part time weather persons that the sky would open up to Sunshine at 2:00.It did and as hot laps began the temperature finally climbed up to 80 degrees. I believe there were 8 classes of cars with some having two different divisions so the spectators did not want for good entertainment.Group time ins were held for all classes except the winged sprints of wesco. We timed in individually. Hot laps, hesat races, dashes , and the a 30 lap main-event that went off with some fantastic racing and only 1 brief yellow.

When the dust settled the points standing is as follows
Season points Main Event Finish Pos.
1 Thomas Richardson 6w ..85 Winner
2 Marv Schultz 44... 63 2nd plc.
3 Russell Root xx...53 4th
4 Stitch Adkins 8...45 3rd
5 Tom Beierman 5... 44 7th
6 Rich hill 50...44 6th
7 Justin Wedekind 69...38 9th
8 Adam smith 2...37 5th
9 Kyle Secord 19x...32 10th
10 Clay Smith 16...30 12th
11 Jason Thomas 1...29 11th
12 Dave Hill 05...27 14th
13 Duane Hallgren 92...24 13th
14 Corey Carpenter 4...19 15th
15 Doug Cotey 17...16 16th
16 Rally Root 1....1 17th
17 Leroy Hudson 10x...0 18th

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