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Hahn Conquers Skagit Speedway on Dirt Cup Night 1  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Friday Jun 21st, 2019 06:46 AM
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Hahn Conquers Skagit Speedway on Dirt Cup Night 1


Alger, WA - Blake Hahn went wire to wire for his first Skagit Speedway win, dominating the 25 lap preliminary night main event of the 48th annual Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup presented by the Skagit Casino Resort. Matt Covington and Jason Solwold rounded out the podium on night number one, with heat race wins going to Jake Helsel, Solwold, Seth Bergman, Harli White, Justin Yougnquist and Reece Goetz. Qualifier wins went to Alex Hill, Hahn, Chris Schmelzle and Garen Linder. The two B Features went to Goetz and Scott Bogucki, who was hard charger in the main event, picking up nine positions.

Ross Rankine led all 25 laps of the Wicked Energy Gum Focus Midgets but did not meet the minimum weight requirements post race, handing the win to Nick Evans. Chance Crum and Seth Hespe were scored second and third. Heat wins went to Evans, Rankine, Hespe and Tanner Holm.

Jim Raper Memorial Dirt Cup Prelim Night 1
Heat 1 - Jake Helsel, John Carney, Robbie Price, Matt Covington, Joe Lyon, Tanner Holmes, James Setters, Bailey Sucich, Chris Bullock
Heat 2 - Jason Solwold, Sam Hafertepe Jr, Luke Didiuk, Travis Reber, Andy Caruana, John Stuart, Reece Goetz
Heat 3 - Seth Bergman, Blake Hahn, Chris Schmelzle, Garen Linder, Corbyn Fauver, Jordan Mallett, Greg Hamilton, Brock Lemley
Heat 4 - Harli White, Devon Borden, Alex Hill, Austen Wheatley, Jason Reed, Aaron Willison, Chris Ochs, Ashleigh Johnson
Heat 5 - Justin Youngquist, Lance Sargent, Justin Sanders, Tyler Thompson, Justyn Cox, Colton Heath, Roger Crockett, Nate Vaughn
Heat 6 - Reece Goetz, Tucker Doughty, JJ Hickle, Cam Smith, Scott Bogucki, Eric Fisher, Travis Jacobson, Breyton Davison
Qualifier 1 - Alex Hill, Covington, Solwold, Didiuk, Price, Helsel, Fauver, Lyon, Carauana, Stuart
Qualifier 2 - Blake Hahn, Hickle, Bergman, Smith, Bogucki, Hafertepe Jr, Holmes, Youngquist, Fisher, Setters
Qualifier 3 - Chris Schmelzle, Jacobson, Wheatley, Hamilton, Carney, Reed, Reber, Mallett, Doughty, White
Qualifier 4 - Garen Linder, Cox, Sargent, Heath, R Goetz, Borden, Sanders, Thompson, Willison
B Main 1 - Reece Goetz, Helsel, Smith, Holmes, Youngquist, Davison, Lemley, Crockett, Lyon, Didiuk, Setters, Sucich, Willison, White, Fisher, Reber
B Main 2 - Scott Bogucki, Heath, Hamilton, Doughty, Mallet, Thompson, Vaughn, Bullock, Johnson, Stuart, Sanders, Ochs, Fauver, Reed, Caruana
A Main - Blake Hehn, Covington, Solwold, Bergman, Carney, Price, Jacobson, Cox, Bogucki, Schmelzle, Linder, Sargent, Hill, Heath, Smith, Wheatley, Hickle, R Goetz, Borden, Hamilton, Hafertepe Jr, Helsel
Lap Leaders - Hahn 1-25

Wicked Energy Gum Focus Midgets
Heat 1 - Nick Evans, Tristin Thomas, Mike Stryker, Matt Loving, Jake Austin, Guy Tow Sr, Nik Larson, Stewart Lee,, Renee Angel
Heat 2 - Ross Rankine, Chance Crum, AJ Fugitt, Ashley Thompson, Glen Bittrolf, Greg Thornhill, Breanna Brostrom, Brian Hayes, Dave Mills
Heat 3 - Tanner Holm, Jeremiah Franklin, Alden Ostrom, Shane Biles, Todd Hartmann, Hannah Lindquist, Sawyer Lind, Brian Aune, Jamee Gardner
Heat 4 - Seth Hespe, Alex Peck, Jared Peterson, Ray Stebbins, Kenny Ferris, Michael Hodel, Jesse Conway, Hailey Bower
B Main - Hannah Lindquist, Lind, Hodel, Stebbins, Hartmann, Austin, Brostrom, Angel, Larson, Lee, Tow Sr, Conway, Hayes, Gardner, Bittrolf, Ferris, Mills, Bower, Aune
A Main - Nick Evans, Crum ,Hespe, Thompson, Thomas, Biles, Lindquist, Loving, Peck, Holm, Lind, Peterson, Ostrom, Hodel, Thornhill, Stebbins, Franklin, Stryker, Fugitt, Rankine (DQ - Weight)
Lap Leaders - Rankine 1-25

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