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THANK YOU Skagit Speedway  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thursday Sep 5th, 2019 04:01 AM
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Hi Everybody

I’ve been ill and have only attended a handful of events in 2019, and hadn’t been to Skagit. Now I’m on the mend and Burnaby BC Auto Racing Historian Brian Pratt said “lets go to Saturday’s Outlaw show”. So off we went (that’s another story)

Up to that point I was sure my streak would be broken but it wasn’t. What streak? With my Aug 31 trip its now thirty-nine consecutive years as a credentialed photographer at Skagit.

Out of the blue I was greeted by hugs and handshakes and “how are you‘s”

Thanks to Lisa, Steve, Kirby, Kaleb, and for a HUGE hug from Shaun in the Dirt-thanks for your support and concern.

How am I? Just GREAT!

Attached Photo: Skagit WoO four abreast Aug 31 2019

As we say:
(Photo by Robert G. Hunter)

Attachment: Dsc_8382_R60_WoOSat2019_RGH.jpg (Downloaded 11 times)

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