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Peterson, Hendrickson, Gouy and Kuntz Win at Deming  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Saturday Sep 7th, 2019 05:27 AM
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Peterson, Hendrickson, Gouy and Kuntz Win at Deming


Everson, WA - Deming Speedway resumed racing on Friday night, with three familiar winners visiting victory lane and one new face joining them. With racing sponsored by North Coast Credit Union and Special T Signs & Graphics, main event winners included Jared Peterson, Steven Hendrickson, Alex Gouy and Levi Kuntz.

Another week and another win for Jared Peterson in the Speedmart 600 Open class. Kaitlyn Hammer set out to the initial lead, but it was Peterson using the high side of three and four to pass her on the 13th lap for the top spot and eventual win. Hammer would finish a strong second with Kevin Wilkinson taking third. Heat wins went to Chance Crum, Wilkinson, Levi Klatt and Dakota Drake.

Steven Hendrickson rolled to another win in the Shots 2 Go Espresso 120 class. Leading every lap of the main, Hendrickson turned away an early challenge from Dakota Drake and a late challenge from eventual runner up Chance Crum to grab the win. Tyson Lemley picked up third in the main. Derek Holmwood and Alex Lewis won the heats.

Alex Gouy collected his first career win in the Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted class. A lap one wreck wiped out a huge chunk of the field, moving Gouy from his original second row starting spot to the pole. From there, Gouy would lead every lap of the main event, followed by Tank Chorney and Carson Guffie. The heat races were won by Levi Klatt, Levi Kuntz and Brody Ferguson.

A hard fought battle in the Clean Crawls Junior Sprints went to Levi Kuntz. Kuntz held off a very game Levi Hillier and Drake Hadlock for the victory. The heat race winners were Hadlock and McKenna Morgan.

Speeedmart 600 Open
Heat 1 - Chance Crum, Kaitlyn Hammer, Jake Trueman, Blaine Granberg, Malachi Gemmer, Reece Goetz
Heat 2 - Kevin Wilkinson, Jesse Schlotfeldt, Kyle Johnson, Ryley Mayer, Tyler McLeod, Parker Hadlock
Heat 3 - Levi Klatt, Derek Torkelson, Jared Peterson, Ryan Holz, Austin Edson, Jason Schapansky
Heat 4 - Dakota Drake, Cody Hogarth, Jon Farrell, Tanner Reid, Colin Mackey, Seth Anderlini
B Main - Ryley Mayer, Reid, Granberg, Anderlini, Edson, Schapansky, Goetz
A Main - Jared Peterson, Hammer, Wilkinson, Johnson, Schlotfeldt, Drake, Crum, Hogarth, Farrell, Mayer, Trueman, Holz, Mackey, Gemmer, Anderlini, Granberg, Klatt, McLeod, Torkelson, Reid
Lap Leaders - Hammer 1-12 Peterson 13-25
Hard Charger - Mayer +7

Shots 2 Go Espresso 1200
Heat 1 - Derek Holmwood, Seth Hespe, Dakota Drake, Jared Gundersen, Nate Vaughn, Brock Lemley, Tanner Reid, Alan Lindquist
Heat 2 - Alex Lewis, Chance Crum, Steven Hendrickson, Terry Lewis, Frosty Metcalfe, Tanner Schoonover, Tyson Lemley, Bryce Bogardus
Main - Steven Hendrickson, Crum, T Lemley, T Lewis, A Lewis, Vaughn, Holmwood, Reid, Hespe, Gundersen, Metcalfe, Lindquist, Bogardus, B Lemley, Drake, Schoonover
Lap Leaders - Hendrickson 1-25
Hard Charger - T Lemley +11

Mytrafficman.NET 600 Restricted
Heat 1 - Levi Klatt, Caleb Grantham, Haylee Bloodgood, Tank Chorney, Keira Zylstra, Diane Knutzen, Dakota Drake
Heat 2 - Levi Kuntz, Jayden Whitney, Tyler Conley, Allison Johnson, Haley Constance, Carson Guffie
Heat 3 - Brody Ferguson, Alex Gouy, Axle Oudman, Corbin Ramsey, Cruz Kentch
Main - Alex Gouy, Chorney, Guffie, Ramsey, Drake, Zylstra, Johnson, Kuntz, Kentch, Knutzen, Oudman, Klatt, Whitney, Ferguson, Grantham, Bloodgood, Constance, Conley
Lap Leaders - Gouy 1-20
Hard Charger - Guffie +15

Clean Crawls Junior Sprints
Heat 1 - Drake Hadlock, Kane Van Sickle, Levi Kuntz, Levi Hillier, Peyton Drake, Cruz Kentch, Realee Bourdon
Heat 2 - McKenna Morgan, Brooklyn Constance, Dustin Ramsey, Avery Askvig, Elizabeth Wade, Jonathan Bright
Main - Levi Kuntz, Hillier, Hadlock, Askvig, Drake, Van Sickle, Morgan, Ramsey, Bright, Constance, Bourdon, Kentch, Wade
Lap Leaders - Kuntz 1-20
Hard Charger - Drake +4

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