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Checking the rear view mirror  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Monday Oct 26th, 2020 05:10 PM
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T. Michael

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Against all odds as the new sole promoter of Grays Harbor Speedway, Bert Johnson pulled it off. Among the things that he had to handle besides compliance with all the Covy-19 regulations from the Feds, State, and County, was trying to formulate new series and classes of cars including many rule changes for the better of the participants. The Limited Sprint class that he designed was slow to take hold as he was relying upon outside cars to complete the classes and have them participate in a multi track series. Anti-travel squashed that and the local cars were few and far between.

The seeds were planted and it will grow. It was my honor participate in the 1st. Annual Limited Sprint Shoot Out.

The loyal support of the local modifieds and stock cars were life savers for the track, Bert, and the County. Had they not stepped forward, the boat would have sunk. With no spectators present, they still put on some good competitive races that allowed for PPV exposure that helped as a lifeline financially.

I know Bert did not have to take a wheel barrow to the bank to deposit his Monday receipts from the racing weekend, but at least he did not have to empty his pockets and did survive thanks to all the loyal local racers and sponsors who chipped in to help. Come on 2021.

It ain't about where you're going that's important; it's all about how much fun you have getting there!
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