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We have 542 members in USA.

Members by Location
ChancesMom 1399Lebanon, Oregon, Oregon USA
Performance Engine and Storehttp://www.performancengine.com1Medford, Oregon USA
scottweiser38 495Medford, Oregon USA
snoland22http://chaddnolandracing.com18Medford, Oregon USA
sprintcar47http://www.machenracing.com31Medford, Oregon USA
SprintFan437 3Middle Of, Oregon USA
thorp_jcar24 119Myrtle Creek, Oregon USA
james14  Myrtle Point, Oregon USA
Karl 9Myrtle Point, Oregon USA
Ross #7 Jr.Stinger 1Myrtle Point, Oregon USA
hobgoblin36  Oakland, Oregon USA
Racer81http://monsterarmy.loopd.com/Members/Driver8160Oakland, Oregon USA
livetorace8http://cdinger.com961Pleasant Hill, Oregon USA
D_Klutz_87 28Portland, Oregon USA
fairlane2khttp://sponsorhouse.loopd.com/members/Pierce5157Portland, Oregon USA
Russ Nyberghttp://www.racetechmotorsports.com5Portland, Oregon USA
sclmfan 1677Portland/Tigard, Oregon USA
Josh Horner 1Redmond, Oregon USA
jskpmiller 124Riddle, Oregon USA
ministock lover  Riddle, Oregon USA
tech-man  Riddle, Oregon USA
megatog 6Rogue River, Oregon USA
#1 racing team 342Roseburg, Oregon USA
aaabobby1http://www.edwardsracing9.com48Roseburg, Oregon USA
albowskie 11Roseburg, Oregon USA
bob 9Roseburg, Oregon USA
bryan 138Roseburg, Oregon USA
bsmith9http://www.tendownbowling.com11Roseburg, Oregon USA
bugsly300 2ROSEBURG, Oregon USA
donkeyhttp://www.triformx.net5Roseburg, Oregon USA
DONKEY22 6Roseburg, Oregon USA
Earl (aka) Ranchero65http://ranchero65.com45Roseburg, Oregon USA
go_fast_n_turn_left 3Roseburg, Oregon USA
JVaughn49 11Roseburg, Oregon USA
LyonsRacing98  Roseburg, Oregon USA
Mayberry 8Roseburg, Oregon USA
Michael Holm 3Roseburg, Oregon USA
Mini Stock Fan 24Roseburg, Oregon USA
minter33 151Roseburg, Oregon USA
nob.s. 22Roseburg, Oregon USA
onions2007 1Roseburg, Oregon USA
Perrysnumber1fan  Roseburg, Oregon USA
Rhett Langehttp://www.nevereadtraceteam2.com7Roseburg, Oregon USA
rml11 6Roseburg, Oregon USA
slowoneone 42Roseburg, Oregon USA
speedwayhttp://dc.speedway.tripod.com5Roseburg, Oregon USA
the_intimidator03 9Roseburg, Oregon USA
TOMMY Dhttp://www.synthetic-oil-tech.com/d.cgi/1088502157Roseburg, Oregon USA
Weekend Wranglers 572Roseburg, Oregon USA
westernstarhttp://Ray Douglas shaw sprintcar 4A7Roseburg, Oregon USA
yotaricerocket26http://www.myspace.com/rylano1Roseburg, Oregon USA
Murph75 297Roseburg,, Oregon USA
steve_orhttp://www.trophymotorsports.com/willamettespeedway.htm Salem, Oregon USA
WMRA Mediahttp://www.wmraracing.com22Salem, Oregon USA
Mark Gilhamhttp://www.bioreclaim.com Sheridan, Oregon USA
PosRacing49 8Sheridan, Oregon USA
FNE Motorsports 2Springfield, Oregon USA
Judah Lemon 7Springfield, Oregon USA
racecrazychick7 50Springfield, Oregon USA
Racer15r 1Springfield, Oregon USA
carracer26http://www.finishlinetechnologies.com90St. Helens, Oregon USA
Racegirl26http://www.finishlinetechnologies.com1St. Helens, Oregon USA
jbrock15http://jimbrockracing.com291SUTHERLIN, Oregon USA
Mini Stock 8http://www.myspace.com/75888639140Sutherlin, Oregon USA
mrbowtie350hp 777Sutherlin, Oregon USA
Sandbagger 1  Sutherlin, Oregon USA
SEASON TICKET FANhttp://- Sutherlin, Oregon USA
laradams1970 2Sweet Home, Oregon USA
Ryan65 31The Burg, Oregon USA
Sprinter33 91The Grove, Oregon USA
Steve Kerstulovichhttp://wizard1056.wix.com/nw-modified-cup17Tigard, Oregon USA
J-CAR 00 14Tiller, Oregon USA
Latemodel5 20Umatilla, Oregon USA
duckies5 151USA, Oregon USA
PainterDudehttp://myspace.com/1stclassdesigns209Veneta, Oregon USA
Sch1tz0fr3nik 64Winchester, Oregon USA
Wade11x 48Winston, Oregon USA
DirtTrackArthttp://www.dirttrackart.com6Pennsylvania USA
robiezombie 41East Berlin, Pennsylvania USA
Kinserfan11http://www,myspace.com/jeffmartzphotos12Scranton, Pennsylvania USA
racingdaughter 4Texas USA
dmantxhttp://www.DarinShort.com82Rockwall (D/FW), Texas USA
racer76 13Salt Lake City, Utah USA
WasatchQMhttp://www.WasatchQM.com6West Point, Utah USA
Double_O_Dodd  Waynesboro, Virginia USA
207911 2Washington USA
biggy72 25Washington USA
Bill Rowe 687Washington USA
bonez 10Washington USA
Born2Race  Washington USA
br 459Washington USA
brandon_cole0305 40Washington USA
DirtDogTVhttp://www.facebook.com/DirtDogTV42Washington USA
DirtEater2000http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLnAFV-fpi841Washington USA
doug  Washington USA
flyinbrianhttp://www.ksmotorsports47.com39Washington USA
Full Throttle 20Washington USA
guido 8Washington USA
Hobby 7 98Washington USA
Jackson Praire Speedway 2Washington USA
Jughead 6Washington USA
Kaleb 1672Washington USA
MaryJo 119Washington USA
Michelle Ives-Lewis 7Washington USA
Misdemeanor17 11Washington USA
PhotosbySuenette.com  Washington USA
RaceFan01 2Washington USA
speedy83 299Washington USA
sprinter71 114Washington USA
theeJustinYoungquisthttp://www.justinyoungquist.com/race2Washington USA
Timmy I. #7 212Washington USA
vetoracefan 23Washington USA
Zach McCabe 33Washington USA
bdaniels 5Aberdeen, Washington USA
kineticmonkey69 188Aberdeen, Washington USA
Mod40Girl 17Aberdeen, Washington USA
Oil can Al 46Aberdeen, Washington USA
qmfamily 22Aberdeen, Washington USA
sprinter046 135Aberdeen, Washington USA
Tim P  Aberdeen, Washington USA
Skagit Mediahttp://www.skagitspeedway.com/25Alger, Washington USA
Adam Nelson 1Anacortes, Washington USA
mandaperkinshttp://www.myspace.com/aepanda2821Anacortes, Washington USA
beganhttp://www.ascsnorthwest.com42Arlington, Washington USA
bsracing 3Arlington, Washington USA
gfbriane 2Arlington, Washington USA
Josh Griffiths 33Arlington, Washington USA
kvaughn68http://vbee-racing.com Arlington, Washington USA
Jeepasaurusrexhttp://www.pattenauderacing.itgo.com240Arlington, WA, Washington USA
Tina J  Auburn, Washington USA
RaceChick 363B-town, Washington USA
K9 Racer 183Beautiful Walker Valley, Washington USA
Ronnie Lakehttp://Myspace.com/thedewaholic127Bellingam, Washington USA
blloyd29 14Bellingham, Washington USA
GNsprint69 5Bellingham, Washington USA
Maicoh69 8Bellingham, Washington USA
omanfamily6k 41Bellingham, Washington USA
princess310 317Bellingham, Washington USA
spreck2 3Bellingham, Washington USA
timbohttp://ask.com120Blaine, Washington USA
JakeJeffery#66  Bremerton, Washington USA
CurtK 846Brier, Washington USA
Speedwayehttp://www.nwpro4alliance.com14Buckley, Washington USA
757-APEX 250Burlington, Washington USA
brassmonkey28 7Burlington, Washington USA
Brigham Mirabelli 1Burlington, Washington USA
cturksgirl84  Burlington, Washington USA
Goodwrencher 140Burlington, Washington USA
killer1 1Burlington, Washington USA
Patrick Clemenson  Burlington, Washington USA
racer46x 7Burlington, Washington USA
SpeedMarthttp://www.speedmartinc.com58Burlington, Washington USA
Youngquist Motorsportshttp://www.justinyoungquist.com/12Burlington, Washington USA
Cowboy 139Camano Island, Washington USA
93pitman 2Centralia, Washington USA
kmv 2Centralia, Washington USA
Pit Groupie 6Centralia, Washington USA
princen17http://www.facebook.com/NSPRacingVideos1603Centralia, Washington USA
kdda191http://www.nwdemoderby.com4Chico/Bremerton, Washington USA
Randy B 36Clear Lake, Washington USA
justinp19 8Colbert, Washington USA
lcprocter 169Cornfield, Washington USA
RaceNut 87Cosmopolis, Washington USA
Kelly Harthttp://www.racinghartmedia.com3984East Wenatchee, Washington USA
wj98802 16East Wenatchee, Washington USA
WVSO46 21East Wenatchee, Washington USA
mini 11 18Eatonville, Washington USA
txdyno14 6Edgewood, Washington USA
pooh5midget 294Elk Plain, Washington USA
WJSRacing42x 255Ellensburg, Washington USA
1dirtfan 48Elma, Washington USA
Aarons Racing Videoshttp://www.youtube.com/ARRacingVideos509Elma, Washington USA
a_white51 79Elma, Washington USA
chaz_w16 22Elma, Washington USA
cruiser25 1ELMA, Washington USA
Elmer Haney 15Elma, Washington USA
jasonv 132Elma, Washington USA
jessicarosehttp://www.myspace.com/iminsomuchlove Elma, Washington USA
johnnyracer 63Elma, Washington USA
Matt Arnold 64Elma, Washington USA
mdtroy 556Elma, Washington USA
pavementdan 44Elma, Washington USA
racerwidow27http://MSN.com76Elma, Washington USA
Ricwic 1Elma, Washington USA
Ryen Haney #67 18Elma, Washington USA
standoner 197Elma, Washington USA
Tyler Palmer  Elma, Washington USA
dirtfan 36Enumclaw, Washington USA
ERP Presshttp://www.ephrataracewaypark.com3Ephrata, Washington USA
nascarmickhttp://nascarmick facebook304Everett, Washington USA
racerchicky 92Everett, Washington USA
rbcool 5Everett, Washington USA
scott 2Everett, Washington USA
bkfan69http://www.myspace.com/bkfan69159Everett (Born And Raised In San Jose), Washington USA
leslie99http://www.deming_racer_chic99.com1Everson, Washington USA

Please note that the information displayed here is based on member input, and may be outdated or have errors in it.

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