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We have 150 members in Oregon USA.

Members by Location
Weekend Wranglers 572Roseburg, Oregon USA
westernstarhttp://Ray Douglas shaw sprintcar 4A7Roseburg, Oregon USA
yotaricerocket26http://www.myspace.com/rylano1Roseburg, Oregon USA
Murph75 297Roseburg,, Oregon USA
steve_orhttp://www.trophymotorsports.com/willamettespeedway.htm Salem, Oregon USA
WMRA Mediahttp://www.wmraracing.com22Salem, Oregon USA
Mark Gilhamhttp://www.bioreclaim.com Sheridan, Oregon USA
PosRacing49 8Sheridan, Oregon USA
FNE Motorsports 2Springfield, Oregon USA
Judah Lemon 7Springfield, Oregon USA
racecrazychick7 50Springfield, Oregon USA
Racer15r 1Springfield, Oregon USA
carracer26http://www.finishlinetechnologies.com90St. Helens, Oregon USA
Racegirl26http://www.finishlinetechnologies.com1St. Helens, Oregon USA
jbrock15http://jimbrockracing.com291SUTHERLIN, Oregon USA
Mini Stock 8http://www.myspace.com/75888639140Sutherlin, Oregon USA
mrbowtie350hp 777Sutherlin, Oregon USA
Sandbagger 1  Sutherlin, Oregon USA
SEASON TICKET FANhttp://- Sutherlin, Oregon USA
laradams1970 2Sweet Home, Oregon USA
Ryan65 31The Burg, Oregon USA
Sprinter33 91The Grove, Oregon USA
Steve Kerstulovichhttp://wizard1056.wix.com/nw-modified-cup17Tigard, Oregon USA
J-CAR 00 14Tiller, Oregon USA
Latemodel5 20Umatilla, Oregon USA
duckies5 151USA, Oregon USA
PainterDudehttp://myspace.com/1stclassdesigns209Veneta, Oregon USA
Sch1tz0fr3nik 64Winchester, Oregon USA
Wade11x 48Winston, Oregon USA

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